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For a few days this week, a rumor ran wild that Mel Gibson would make a cameo appearance in “The Hangover 2.”

Everyone got excited that Mel would play a tattoo artist. “A very important role,” was the word. It would do for Mel whatever being in “Tropic Thunder” did for Tom Cruise.

It was supposedly all signed and sealed.

Then director Todd Phillips announced late yesterday that his cast and crew didn’t want Mel. He was out.

Gosh, what could be their problem? Only one cast member, as far as I can tell, is Jewish. And there are no major female roles.

Maybe they just all objected on general grounds that he’s a horrible guy with terrible baggage. Maybe no one looked forward to sitting through junket press interviews in which Mel berated the questioners. Who knows? It’s just that these people demonstrated excellent judgment.

I’m going like this movie a lot.

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  1. Mel, Mel, Mel, they aint gonna let you just walk away and not remember what ya did…..they are holding ya accountable for your actions Mel man – no amnesia here –

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