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James Franco should be happy today.

His collection of short stories, called “Palo Alto,” is published officially today by Scribner/Simon & Schuster. And guess what? It’s gotten pretty good reviews.

While some reviewers have taken swipes–who can’t resist taking a swing at a movie star/PhD candidate/aspiring writer?–most have concentrated on Franco’s writing and the stories themselves.

Some samples: USA Today: “Franco writes with such deep empathy and affinity that one has to wonder if he lived this life.”
New York Times Book Review: “[Franco] ends up perfectly mirroring the undulations of a teenage mind… Franco has a talent for viscerally evoking danger.”

Salon.com: “You’ll be able to pick out Franco’s influences: Raymond Carver’s tight-lipped stoicism; the sun-streaked disaffection of  Less Than Zero… Hubert Selby Jr.’s Last Exit to Brooklyn…. Franco can be a wag when he permits himself, and he excels at dialogue.”

Vogue.com: “Delightfully coarse, riffing dialogue that hones in on subjects like race and sex, love and violence… Compelling and gutsy.”

SFWeekly.com: “[Franco] can indeed write… He shows surprising talent… Franco is working the same nihilistic territory as writers like Bret Easton Ellis or filmmakers like Larry Clark.”

Franco also got very good reviews from Kirkus, Booklist and the trade reviewers. Who didn’t like it? The San Francisco Chronicle and the New York Press, so far. (I didn’t even know the New York Press still published.)

Tomorrow night, Franco reads aloud from “Palo Alto” at the Barnes & Noble on Warren Street at 8pm. I’d say, get there early.

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  1. Thank you for this great round-up of positive quotes about the book! Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion about the work of course, but this is very much appreciated.

    FYI, the book event tomorrow night is James only public appearance on book tour, and the first 200 people to buy the book AT THAT STORE will get a reserved seat for the event (the next 100 get SRO, capacity =300).

    We gave away 13 copies of the book on his Twitter feed over the past two weeks (with Scribner), so Follow us there for the next giveaway of 127 HOURS!

    Thanks again, Roger!

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