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The Jon Stewart-Stephen Colbert rallies in Washington DC are starting to pick up musical artists.

I’m told that the rallies, set for October 30th, have already booked Jeff Tweedy of Wilco.

More names are coming. But the organizers also have asked for Cat Stevens, aka Yusuf Islam. The famed 70s pop singer is deciding whether or not to accept the invitation.

Toby Keith and the magnificent Mavis Staples are also said to be on the list for both rallies, which will be on the Mall in Washington DC and are semi serious send ups of the idiotic Sarah Palin-Glenn Beck rally of a few weeks ago.

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  1. Looks like Mavis is a go, rescheduled previous Oct 30 engagement in Seattle. Earshot Jazz Fest website says: “NOTE: Unfortunately due to a personal scheduling conflict in Washington, DC on October 30, Mavis Staples has had to reschedule her show at Town Hall Seattle to Sunday, October 31, at 7:30 pm.”

  2. Cat Stevens aka Yusuf Islam is the same man, same spirit. I love his new songs even more. Having met him, I can safely say I’ve never met a more gentler and humbler human being.

    Icon in my eyes.

  3. I predict this rally will have at least, mmm… 1,000 attendees (not counting the musical acts, which (btw) they’ll NEED to get the at-least 1,000 attendees). I’m really conflicted though! I’ve always loved Cat Stevens’ music (Yusuf Islam? .. not so much). I also love the Beck-man. How should I feel? Hm, I think I’ve picked my allegiance. (Beck rocks!) Funny how everyone loves to copy-cat “idiotic” Beck for his ideas on rallies ‘n stuff. Hm.. They’re SO jealous. (oh and btw, (fun aside) I DO think Beck was once a Cat fan…. I’ve seen hints of it in his books) I hope Cat Stevens turns them down.

  4. “idiotic” Palin and Beck rally? It is so comforting to see how much of an open mind you have. Trying to figure out how a rally that celebrates the founders and thier vision is “idiotic.” you should stick to commenting on the make believe pretenders in Hollywood and leave politics out of it. You are proving yourself to be a useful idiot on that front…….

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