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Bill O’Reilly–who really sounds completely nuts sometimes–got his due on “The View” today.

Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar got up and walked off the set during an interview that all the ladies were having with O’Reilly. He said that Muslims caused 9-11.

He didn’t say extremists. And he stuck to his guns. “Muslims killed us on 9-11.”

Whoopi said, “Bullshit.” And left. Joy went with her.

Barbara Walters then chastised O’Reilly and told him to apologize to the Muslim community. He did, but he didn’t mean it. He’s really an oaf and a boor. When I made occasional appearances on his show, he used to just yell questions that he didn’t really want the answers to. Roger Ailes has empowered him, despite all his scandals. Yikes.

One more thing, Bill: your assertion about “70 percent of Americans don’t want the Mosque”–is a tired, pointless, divisive argument. I live two miles from the Ground Zero and watched the events of 9-11 from my living room. Two of my friends were missing all day. The husband of a friend died in the collapse of the towers. Hundreds of grieving people wandered this neighborhood for two weeks passing out fliers and hoping to see their loved ones. This is not a national referendum. It’s up to New Yorkers, if anyone, to voice an opinion about the Mosque. All these other opinions are nice but they are irrelevant.

Anyway, Whoopi and Joy returned. But good for them. It’s enough already. Peace.

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  1. While it’s true that Muslim extremists flew the plane into the WTC, it’s also true that Catholic extremists bombed the Federal Building in OK City.

    It’s not the religion of a terrorist that matters, it’s the fact that s/he believes that the way to effect change in the world is to cause mass suffering.

    Bill O’Reilly is a liar, as are the bulk of the “celebrities” on FOX. He lies about everything from his background (not working class, but very upper middle class) to his “independent” status politically (he’s a registered Republican) to nearly everything that he claims on his show.

    I disagree with Joy and Whoopee’s response to him–they should have stayed and debated him on the issues. That said, the man’s style is to shout down anybody who dares to disagree with him on anything, up to and including calling them names. It’s bad enough when he’s on his own show. But when he’s a guest on another show, he needs to show some respect for his hosts.

  2. Bill O Reilly is a Asshole , always has been always will be , what he said on the view was wrong , And Good for the girls , i would have walked out also to avoid , me punching him in the face ,Hes a PIG !

  3. I thought the whole thing was hysterical. Whoopi and Joy accused Bill of being rude when they are the ones who yelled, cussed and stormed off the stage like two -uear-olds pitching a fit. Grow up and act like adults Whoopi and Joy. You made all professional women look bad with your little temper tantrum.

  4. Bill O’Reilly is a character who does an act for the $$$. Nobody could be as educated and dare I say “intelligent” as he is and knowingly spout the incendiary crap that he does on live TV.

    I don’t watch him anymore because he’s a horrible interviewer and I can’t stand his smug style. If a guest disagrees with him he cuts them off and bombards them with often irrelevant statements or more irrelevant questions.

    He honed his tabloid journalism ambush shtick on Inside Edition where he figured out that sensationalism sells and he had a knack for it. IMO he’s a highly paid farce who uses inflammatory rhetoric to get ratings and make lots of loot – nothing more. I doubt he even believes half the crap that spews from his mouth.

  5. The two buffoons on “”The View” certainly cemented their positions. I don’t know the percetages, and although I will agree the Muslims have a LEGAL right to build a mosque there, how about their MORAL right to respect the grief of the families and survivors. Two wrongs do not make a right.

  6. Good grief. Muslims DID kill Americans on 9/11. That’s a fact – an inconvenient truth, if you will. They weren’t Zoroastrians or Hare Krishnas; they were Muslims.

  7. Guess you were wrong Matthew, since your comments were in fact posted. You seem angry. Try to calm yourself; we all can’t be as “brilliant” as Palin, Angle, O’Donnell et. al.

    Moving on, always enjoy your posts Roger!

  8. Bill O’Reilly is a despicable individual. He and the rest of the blithering idiots that make up FOX News Channel spout their racism and bigotry 24/7. I hope their building burns down.

  9. Extremely disappointed with Roger here. He mentions that the ladies came back only after Bill apologized, but failed to mention that Barbara Walters chastised both ladies for getting up and leaving. The fact is the men who flew those planes on that day WERE MUSLIM! Bill said nothing that was incorrect. I’m not an O’reilly fan by any stretch, I think he is an uneducated blowhard….but c’mon America. Wake up! Muslim extremest are responsible for the murders of thousands of innocent Americans, yet liberals refuse to come out and assign blame. It’s become un-PC to bash these murderers. Whoopi and Joy were literally appalled because Bill had called the 9/11 terrorist what they were. MUSLIMS FLEW PLANES INTO THOSE BUILDINGS! It’s a fact. An undeniable fact.

  10. Just because you don’t like the guy does not excuse their obnoxious, unprofessional behavior. It was so juvenile of these two ‘ladies’ to walk off their stage during a temper tantrum.

  11. You always just sound so bitter about anyone from Fox. I suppose most of the country is stupid because he is the most watched cable news show? You are smart, we are stupid. Okay…we get it.

    Ugh…stick to the entertainment gossip!

  12. All Americans were attacked on 09/11…not just New Yorkers. The decision about the Mosque should not be a “New York” one, but an American one. 09/11 was not just a “New York” thing…it was an “American thing”. New York was not attacked because of the citizens of New York, but because those citizens were American.

  13. I’m surprised at your opinion of Bill ORielly as a ‘boor’, since I used to see you as a guest on his show in your FOX days. Was it a case of Fox TV and Fox.com cross promotion? I watch Bill OReilly cause he is provocative, and his show is well produced and is about something. On the other hand, I would absolutely hate to know someone with his personality in my personal life. But then, on the other hand, his appearance on the view made for riveting television. It will help the view, and it will definitely add untold thousands to sales of his book.

  14. Let’s see…Muslims flew planes in to the trade center, the pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania. And the majority of new yorkera and ericans in general don’t want a mosque anywhere near ground zero. So where,exactly, is the controversy? It is amazing how neutered liberals and useful idiots become when talking about things. Changing the language or adding abterm doesn’t change what happened. Stand up for something. Joy Behar walked off? The same moronic commentator who said Michelle Bachman wa against kids? The same Mrs. Bachman who has taken in many foster kids? Joy Behar doesn’t have the intelligence of a doorknob. She is a shill who sheepishly follows the right talking points. When confronted with the facts, she has to walk off in a huff because she can’t refute them. Her little brain was probably about to explode. And Whoopi’s expletive comment just about sums up the worthfulness of her input on that, or any other, important topic. It’s fun to watch liberals melt down and then simple minds like you come out to defend them.

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