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Ozzy Osbourne turns out to be a rabid John Lennon fan. Who knew?

Last week, Ozzy recorded the less well known song “How?” for Amnesty International. Then, he and director Ernie Fritz made this video in four hours on the streets of Manhattan.

The project was shepherded of course by Martin Lewis, our reliable Beatles macher. Lewis picked up the phone and called Sharon Osbourne, who, he says, was “amazingly gracious and cooperative.”

Sharon, I see, is being used as the main draw for CBS’s likely to be awful rip off of “The View” coming next week. It’s a smart move. She’s the only one of those women I actually would tune in for. When the show is cancelled, Sharon should move over to “The View” and spice things up!

Anyway, here’s “How.” Good work, Ozzy!


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