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Katherine Heigl and costar Josh Duhamel may have proven that TV stars can translate to movies–at least on a quiet weekend.

It does look like their poorly reviewed sorta remake of “Baby Boom” called “Life as We Know It” finished number 1 at the box office on Friday night. It beat “The Social Network,” aka the Facebook movie and an Oscar contender.

When numbers come in later today we’ll see if Heigl took the whole weekend. This is all funny since a know it all blogger on another site already declared “Social Network” Friday’s winner and the weekend’s winner. But boxofficemojo.com and showbizdata.com say otherwise.

Heigl has a reputation for being difficult, as chronicled in last week’s New York Times. But still he’s now in the Jennifer Aniston realm, making a lot of TV -type movie light comedies, forgettable and pedestrian. She’ll hope to change that next year with “Undomestic Goddess.”

I’m told that Heigl is negotiating to star in the Tribeca Productions comedy based on a Sophie Kinsella novel. Her character is an American lawyer working in London who loses her job and has to become a nanny. The imdb says Amy Adams is supposed to be in this film, but the word is that Heigl takes the role. Oscar nominee Adams is always busy, and Imdb is not always correct.

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  1. Katherine Heigl needs to fire her agents and other handlers because she continues to choose horrible material that have very little box-office appeal. Since she is a multi-millionaire, Heigl can afford to be more selective about her film projects. It would be wise for Katherine to pursue challenging material with well-regarded directors, and mix these films with commercial films. But, for some reason she is clueless , and she doesn’t understand this. The poor girl ( and her handlers) is ruining her movie career. I guess her hideous role model is Kate Hudson- another actress whose career is down the toliet.

  2. I couldn’t wait to see Katherine Heigl’s new movie! I don’t understand why Hollywood hasn’t recognized her as the number one light comedy actress. I guess her talent is overshadowed in Hollywood because she tells the truth about what is going on and how she actually feels without wearing meat suits, going naked and grandstanding! She is nothing like Jennifer Anniston in the movies. They have totally different styles.

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