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The Rolling Stones are on a roll. As they discuss cranking up for a US tour next year, the Stones may also be going further into their catalog for remixes and re-releases.

In this last year, the Stones have had success with reissues of “Exile on Main Street” and “Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out.” Both sets of releases were met with enthusiastic sales and reviews.

Now I’m told more is to come. Next up could be whole new versions of the Stones’ best selling hit collection, “Hot Rocks.” That collection includes “Brown Sugar” and “Wild Horses,” songs that went on to become hits on the group’s famous “Sticky Fingers” album. But ABKCO Records has “Hot Rocks,” not “Sticky Fingers.” The album is part of the Stones’ “second catalog” beginning in 1971. Everything before that belongs to ABKCO.

The ABKCO re-releases could also include “Let it Bleed,” “Their Satanic Majesties Request,” and “Beggars Banquet.”

Meantime, we await Keith Richards‘s imminent autobiography. It should give new meaning to all the albums.

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  1. What does this mean exactly? It’s a compilation. So… New versions? Remixes? Unreleased tracks?

    And Sticky Fingers tracks came out BEFORE this originally, not after.

    This is either an incomplete story or a non-story, Roger.

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