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“Wall Street 2” aka “Money Never Sleeps” took a nap at the box office Friday night and brought in a drowsy $7 million.

Nikki Finke’s Deadline Yesterday estimated it at $8 million, which is a slumbering million dollars more than the accurate boxofficemojo.com.

“WS2” will finish the weekend snooze with between $21 and $23 million total, not exactly a nightmare but no dream either.

So it seems that neither Michael Douglas‘s illness nor the promise of seeing Shia LaBeouf in a suit did a lot for audiences.

It’s too bad because “Wall Street 2” is a very good film, with fine performances from Douglas and especially Frank Langella in a supporting role.

Among Oliver Stone‘s films it will be ranked well and high.

But reviews have been mixed, and, in the case of the New York Post, actually negative. The two-and-half star review from Fox’s sister newspaper surely watered down enthusiasm locally. When the Post wants to promote a film they go all out with front page banners, etc. In this case, they buried a relative.

Maybe on Sunday more adults will hit the theaters for “Wall Street 2.” I sure hope so. People should see this well crafted film.

PS “The Town,” a great movie, finished second Friday night with $5,035,000, a small fall off from the prior weekend. “The Town” is a solid hit.

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  1. Problem is, the only reason people want to see this movie is to see Gordon Gekko. Most importantly, they want to see the mean Gordon Gekko. Therefore, when you combine Gekko, a daughter, tears and….a sonogram (????????), that’s recipe for disaster.

    Story was therefore terrible, too bad because everything else, from photography to music, acting and casting, was great. I work in Wall Street and have been waiting for this movie for ages. What a wasted opportunity. I guess Stone is too much into “what’s right” nowdays and he went too far.

  2. Michael Douglas was fabulous but I think Shia LaBeouf was miscast. Maybe more of Michael and less of the others would have made the movie more exciting. But I did like it.

  3. Mr. Michael Douglas delivers a steller performance that is worth the price of a ticket to see him act. Re: (a) The scene on the steps with his daughter and (b) The very brief scene with Charlie Sheen. He saves a movie that obviously has two endings – the one the director wanted -greed is good – 20 mins from the end – and the one Hollywood demanded. OK, it had its faults – I will not enumerate them here. But it is worth a look. 6/10. But then I rate “Citizen Kane” as a 9/10. While I’m at it check out Mr. Douglas’s father, Mr. Kirk Douglas in “Ace in the Hole” – a truly steller performance.

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