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Jodie Foster is wrong about Mel Gibson. Sorry.

In the new More magazine, Foster defends Mel Gibson, who happens to star in her as yet unreleased and unscheduled film, “The Beaver.”

Jodie says: “When you love a friend, you don’t abandon them when they are struggling. Of course, Mel is an undeniably gifted actor and director, and The Beaver is one of his most powerful and moving performances. But more importantly, he is and has been a true and loyal friend. I hope I can help him get through this dark moment.”

Now let’s review this ‘dark moment’. It started in 2006 when Mel was arrested for drunk driving and leveled anti-Semitic remarks to his arresting officer. He told Officer James Mee: “F—ng Jews…the Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.” He addressed a female cop as “sugar tits.”

At the same time, Mel’s father was revealed as a Holocaust denier and a contributor to neo Nazi publications. Mel refused to criticize him. Instead, he built a church in Malibu for Catholics who don’t believe in the Pope and decry what’s known as Vatican II. They blame the Jews for the death of Jesus. And so on.

This was all after making “The Passion of the Christ,” in which Jews were depicted as money grubbers with hooked noses who wanted Jesus dead.

Now this year has been taken up with Mel’s problems concerning the mother his illegitimate child, Oksana Grigorieva. We’ve all heard the tapes. Not only does Mel use the “n” word, he also uses language toward women that I would think made Jodie Foster’s hair stand up straight. There are allegations of domestic abuse. Did Oksana push his buttons? Sure. Did he respond in the worst ways imaginable? Yes.

Jodie, this is what he said to Oksana: “If you raped by a pack n—-ers, it will be your fault.” This is inexcusable, for anyone, no matter how angry they are. If he’d said that to you, you would have called the police.

Foster won her Oscar for “The Accused,” about a woman who is gang raped on a pool table. She should know better than to continue to defend this man. Whether on feminist grounds or just plain humanist, Gibson is a pig. It doesn’t matter whether or not he’s good in the ridiculously titled, “The Beaver.” Her mistake was making a movie with him in the first place. She shouldn’t be compounding the mistake by defending him. Sorry, Jodie. On this one, you are dead wrong.

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  1. Well, said. I agree. Foster will do anything to promote a film. As for these so-called Mel supporters, you can spot the PAID PR interns everywhere in such reply forums, putting down oksana, and praising Jodie as such a “loyal” friend. How about her loyalty to gays, abused women, and the people who bought her movie tickets? Now, she will next work with Polanski on an entire film about “moral ambiguity” so they can both feel superior to all the rest of us–her newest “friend” is a pedophile, and she, a supporter of a racist woman abuser. It’s all about her career and the money for foster. Very disappointing. It’s time for Mel to take responsibility for his actions.

  2. Kudos to Ms. Foster. Everyone realizes that Mr. Gibson has a disease and he is working on it. Cut him a little slack; his crime is that of words not actions.

  3. Jodie is a gay woman, so right there are two epithets that I can just hear Mel hurling at her: d**e and c**t. And she is defending him? That must be some crappy movie they made together if she has to try this hard to drum up interest in it.

  4. There is Mel Gibson the actor and the director. I like his movies and he seemed to be a cool guy..on that front but unfortunately..there is Mel Gibson the person..who really is in a “downhill” mode…and it’s really sad to watch.. and now is a total “circus” help by his self-destructing ways.
    I understand Jolie and Whoopie..they know him better I guess… they are hoping Mel can turn things around..otherwise is going to be a very sad end for Mel..

  5. I believe Jodie Foster has won TWO Oscars, one for “The Accused” and the other for “Silence of the Lambs.” I disagree with her comments about Gibson, but honestly, I would love to have friends as loyal as she is. She’s an outstanding actress and great humanitarian. Gibson is a pig.

  6. Jody’s got guts. I think there’s two Mel Gibson’s. I like the normal one. And I hope that’s the one that wins out. Charlie Sheen can beat up his wife, threaten her with a gun and who knows what else that wasn’t on tape. Oliver Stone slanders anyone who disagrees with him – what an abuse of power. But these guys are smart enought not to use the n word or verbally abuse the jewish people. I wish recovery for Mel and a happy life ahead for him.

  7. So Babs that makes it alright for him to repeat the vilest slander that has been heaved at Jews throughout history? Is it any wonder that his father is an unrepentant nazi sympathizer? What we all should be doing is asking when will those in Hollywood actually be held to account for their actions like normal people are?

  8. “When you love a friend, you don’t abandon them when they’re struggling.” Yes, Mel’s “a pig,” but he’s also a self-confessed bi-polar alcoholic who’s been spiraling downward and out-of-control for a while. He’s sick, period! I applaud Jodie for being one of the few people (shout out to Whoopie Goldberg too!) willing to show some compassion. This is exactly what Mel did for Robert Downey Jr. a few years ago when everyone else had written him off. Like many people I’m tired of Mel’s vindictive baby mama and her PR media circus smear campaign. He and his family deserve some privacy during his “dark moment.”

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