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Well, the word has been issued. Randy Jackson will be joined on “American Idol” this season by Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.

In fact, they’ve hired the equivalent of two Paula’s.

What “Idol” didn’t do was bring on a replacement for Simon Cowell. They don’t have anyone ready to be acerbic and biting, and insulting. That’s what viewers tuned in to see.

They are having Jimmy Iovine from Interscope Records as some kind of consultant. But again, I don’t think Jimmy is going to replace Simon. But Interscope’s parent, Universal Music Group, now has the recording rights to all “Idol” contestants. So Iovine’s going to be there scouting for product.

Tyler is a big question mark. Has anyone told him “Idol” is live? Something tells me this is going to be like a great movie, “My Favorite Year.” Peter O’Toole played the week’s guest star on a Sid Caesar type show. No one knew if he would make it. Tyler has countless visits to rehab, and more drug trouble than ten rock stars combined.

On top of that, even though Tyler can be wickedly funny, will he insult and be hard on contestants? I don’t think so. He’ll risk alienating his Aerosmith fans.

Ditto Jennifer Lopez. She’ll be playing Paula, the un-singing singer. Again, she’ll be there to be encouraging. I doubt she’ll be nasty to whatever fans she has left in the pop world. Noted: Lopez is also signed now to Universal Music.

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  1. Roger, I agree with you. Jennifer has no business being a judge on ” American Idol”. Lopez has no singing talent whatsoever. But, to Jennifer’s credit, Paula Abdul also has a lack of singing talent. ” The Idol” show is going downhill. Even the singing talent that won in the past few years are not as good as their pervious winners.- vocally and the lack of star power .

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