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He’s always been a bit of a mystery while his sister Stella has been in the headlines a lot. (She’s a famous designer, you know.)

But today James McCartney, Paul and Linda’s son, releases his first album.

It’s actually an EP of five tracks that you can buy on amazon.com for $4.99. It’s called “Available Light.”

The tracks include a cover of Neil Young‘s “Old Man,” plus original songs “Angel,” “Denial,” “Glisten,” and “My Friend.” They were produced by Paul and the great David Kahne at Abbey Road Studios. But the sound is not so Paul-like. James’s voice is a little higher, and his multi-layered guitars have a feel of Matthew Sweet.

James has inherited his father’s musical gifts and more: he plays several instruments including bass guitar, mandolin, and piano.

It’s not easy doing this sort of thing; in fact, it’s down right brave. Children of rock stars, no matter how talented, are always compared to the parents. James is 33, and has obviously waited until he was comfortable with his identity. Other late blooming rock kids include Harper Simon, Paul’s son, who’s released a couple of very good albums; and Sting’s son, Joe Sumner, who fronts the popular group Fiction Plane. Both Julian Lennon and Sean Lennon have made attempts at careers. Julian, of course, had a couple of solid hits in the 80s.

So bully for James McCartney. The tracks are good. Let’s hear more, I say!


Photo courtesy www.jamesmccartney.com taken by his sister, Mary

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  1. Move over, Frank Sinatra Jr.!

    Even I’d sound good with Paul McCartney and David Kahne producing me, and I can’t play a note (though I’m told I have a lovely singing voice). And there you have it: it sounds good, but there’s no there there. No lyrics to speak of there, no vocal distinction there, nice enough sounds but that’s about it.

    I do hear that he’s a nice bloke.

    I’ve fulfilled my curiosity, no need for a second listen.

  2. Meh, I expected more. Talented certainly but nothing special and no stage presence. Lame lyrics, lame rhythm/melody, lame song. Average voice – not unique and not my cup of tea. Luckily he doesn’t need the money.

    Where do I sign up to be the next American Idol judge?

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