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Christina Hendricks, our “Joan” from “Mad Men,” has joined what has become kind of an all star cast of the film “Drive.” The other day I told you that Oscar Isaac was added to the cast that’s led by Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan, Albert Brooks and Bryan Cranston. Who else is left? This movie hasn’t even been made and I feel like I’ve seen it. But I’m sure there will be some surprises…Meantime, rent the original version of “The Hitcher.”

…I told you a couple of weeks ago that Dani Weinstein was going to leave the Weinstein Company after 12 years of hard time. She’s taking Sara Serlen to ID PR, one of my favorite boutique agencies. The pair will handle TWC films from there, which makes sense. TWC has a heavy awards season, with “The King’s Speech,” “Nowhere Boy,” “Miral,” and “The Company Men” at least all generating heat. TWC will still have in house staff. But this does explain why IDPR’s Cari Ross was at the “King’s Speech” screening Tuesday night with her staff…

…Oy, Madonna. Her daughter with actor/trainer Carlos Leon got into the “Fame” high school, Fiorello LaGuardia. We have no idea whaty Lourdes’s talents are, or what her audition was to get into the school. But sources say Carlos also went to LaGuardia. Believe me, if Lourdes has acting genes, they come from Carlos, who’s been in many TV shows and films, not Madonna, provably one of the worst actresses in Hollywood history. Dare we mention “Who’s That Girl,” “Evita,” “Swept Away,” and the startling 1986 epic “Shanghai Surprise”?

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