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I wrote about Hanson today and got a lot of email from their fans. I didn’t even know they had fans. Who knew? Hanson seems very 1997. If they sell CDs or downloads, they must have a very devoted group of followers. It’s not like Hanson recordings are showing up in sales charts or on the tradio.

But plenty of groups inspire loyalty who are not that well known anymore. So I tip my hat to Hanson’s gang of believers. Never will take their name, with o or an e, in vain again! All hail Hanson!


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  1. wow.. i can tell you dont have a journalism degree buddy because when i went to school to get my journalism degree you had to do RESEARCH before writing something and thats definately something you didnt do. hanson never stopped releasing cds and they’re still a big hit.

  2. They are #1 or #2 on the indie charts, thank you and they are on the radio or as you call it “tradio” yea, did you even go to school? like seriously :)

  3. Some apology, dude. Sarcasm is not a that great of a quality ESPECIALLY when it comes to Hanson. I know better than to believe your “apology” is for real. Bash on the “commercial” musicians DAMN IT!!!!

  4. This is the lamest psuedo apology I’ve ever seen. It’s clear that you’ve attempted to at least do SOME research, as you must’ve entered Hanson’s name into the search bar at YouTube .. and of course, the only thing you could POSSIBLY find was ‘Mmmbop’. Really? This shouldn’t surprise me as it’s clear that you don’t care to broaden your horizons or expand your knowledge on a topic that you get paid to write about. Wow.

    This is exactly why the music industry is in shambles and we’re left to listen to ‘auto-tuned-to-death’ songs that don’t need parodies – they’re already bad enough!

    I hope in the future you research names that you carelessly through out – although, I’m not holding my breath.

    xoxo – Brittany

  5. well that was somehwat of a half assed apology there. good to know you at least admited that hanson does still have fans. BUT as you of course still FAILED to note that Handon does indeed have a song on the charts and a new album and a new video along with a north american tour. maybe you should do some research for once in your life.BUT one thing bothers me is that after all these years you have YET To ever appologise to Michael Jackson’s fans. Iam a HUGE MJ fan and all the years you wrote nothing but pure LIES about him and you have yet to ever say sorry to us mj fans for being a complete tool to us. At least you now know what group of fans NOT to ever mess with again and Thats us Hanson fans!

  6. “It’s not like Hanson recordings are showing up in sales charts or on the radio.”

    Isn’t it? I suggest you do a little more research.

    I would get my ass handed to me on a plate if I was as careless as you in my crappy 9 to 5, you “writers” should take a little more pride in your “job”

  7. Tara: you deserve an apology more than us then. But I highly doubt this guy ever really ‘apologizing’ for anything. THIS is NOT an apology. It’s a weak attempt to get us to shut up. But a word to the wise Friedman, it NEVER WORKS. We are not stupid and will not buy this sad excuse for ‘making nice.’

  8. Hanson have had the same solid fan base for years. As people have mentioned before me, they’ve recently been on tv, on the charts, and in Rolling Stone. Maybe you should just do your research from now on.

  9. Their new single Thinking Bout Somethin’ is on Radio, at least 13 stations have played it today, a couple have already played it twice from looking at yes.com. According to Mediabase CHR/pop chart they been getting 35 to the highest was 47 spins in a day. Which to be honest is pretty good but that doesn’t count the stations that don’t use that, that are playing them. The video is also on Vh1 top20 countdown.

  10. If you’re being fecious or not, it doesnt matter.

    they are loved. very loved.

    like i said, go out to a show. see for yourself.
    if you still don’t respect their music, or think they’ve changed (for the better) i will leave you be.

  11. Thank you. Yes Hanson Fans are very loyal. I really think that everyone should give Hanson a chance. The song that they are being judged on was written 13 years ago. Their myspace view for their new single “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’ has over 1.8 million views. Everyone gives alot of other artists and bands another chance over stuff that has nothing to do with their carrer, Hanson does one song and they are judge for life. Give Hanson the same second, Third and fourth chances you give everyone else. Judge them on their talent not the Name of the band or what they looked like 13 years ago.

  12. Oh, please. Hanson and their fans are not exactly obscure. Their latest album debuted a couple of months ago at #30 on the Billboard chart. Their latest single has gotten some radio airplay and spent several weeks on VH1’s Top 20 countdown. The band has appeared on Letterman and Leno in the past couple of months. I would think that someone who purports to write about music should know this.

  13. Oh so you can apologize to Hanson fans but Michael Jackson’s fans aren’t worth it? You wrote about MJ like he was a dirty rat in an alley when he was alive. But HANSON fans get an apology?? Really??

  14. Hmmm… a pseudo apology to say the least. A couple of weeks ago, Hanson was listed in the Top 30 albums chart in the back of Rolling Stone Magazine. And they hit #11 on the VH1 Top 20 videos countdown a few weeks ago. The new album was listed in iTunes Top Releases at #13 the week it dropped. And this wi with the latest album and latest single released in late Spring this year.

    Apparently, you don’t know how to do your research. I’m a broadcast major in a news writing class, and I seriously believe my professor would have failed you on this assignment.

  15. Thanks, Roger Friedman! And not a Hanson fan will take your name in vain. Thanks for being open to comments and realizing the changes 13 long years can bring.

  16. It’s nice of you to “apologize” to us Hanson fans but I have to say that you are still wrong. They charted with their lastest album And have a video on the VH1 top 20. They have also been getting a few spins on the radio as well. If Hanson fans seem to be defensive, it is only because the band gets a bad rap. They are doing things that bands rarely do these days and they aren’t doing it for the “fame” as many do. They are just being who they are and doing what they love. I can never understand why people have to knock it. Get over MMMBop…that was sooo 13 years ago. :)

  17. Wow, so once you get emails, you don’t bother to read them apparently. Hanson is on the radio and on the sales charts, but clearly you don’t listen to the raido or check the sales charts. Way to waste time, space on the internet and air.

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