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Chris Noth--Mr. Big to you, but also star of “The Good Wife”– and Steve Walter are planning to open a new Cutting Room this fall. The second edition of their famed rock club will be on East 32nd St. and Park Avenue, across the street from Artisanal Restaurant.

The old Cutting Room, on West 24th St., was one of the city’s most popular music spots. But I’m told a greedy landlord–as usual–made it impossible to stay open. At the original spot, Noth and Walter hosted lots of big name acts like Sheryl Crow and Sting, but also introduced tons of new performers. One of them was a dark haired piano player named Stephanie Germanotta. She’s now known as Lady GaGa.

The Cutting Room was also home on Wednesday nights to Joan Rivers. With any luck, she’ll be back and in rare form!

So brace yourselves: a new Cutting Room may have a late fall-early winter opening. I say, the earlier the better. New York needs it!

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  1. Only yesterday I was walking on Park Ave. South and saw large storefront to west with BIG SIGN : ‘CUTTING ROOM’ — boy was I happy to see it! Now that I’ve read about upcoming opening I’m even happier. Looking forward to a long & glorious run of music & fun at your new location.

  2. Great news! The Cutting Room also featured many acts from the 60’s, that don’t appear anywhere else – The Searchers and La La Brooks were two of my favorites.

  3. This is great news. Love The Cutting Room as do all the musicians who played there and/or went to shows there. Steve Walter and Chris Noth are so supportive of the music scene in New York. Great news.

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