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There is trouble in the world of Michael Jackson’s family.

Rumors are swirling that Katherine Jackson and Joseph Jackson are getting a divorce. A friend close to Mrs. Jackson insists this is true.

Confirmed. The friend says a couple of things have contributed to this decision. One is Joe Jackson’s comment last spring that Katherine caused Michael’s death. “She’s never gotten over it,” says the friend.

Then there’s Joe Jackson’s penchant for getting into financial trouble resulting in possible litigation. The word is that Katherine has been advised that she could be vulnerable if Joe is successfully sued.

Katherine Jackson has filed for divorce twice during her long marriage. Both times she decided it wasn’t worth it.

Joseph Jackson lives apart from his wife, mostly in Las Vegas. It’s been fairly well chronicled that he has at least one child from outside the marriage, a daughter by another woman.

Nothing is simple in the Jacksons’ marriage. Money is always at the root of every story. Katherine Jackson is one of Michael’s heirs. Joseph is not. It was Katherine who made the deal with Canadian online gaming whiz Howard Mann to market items from the Jackson warehouse he bought. Joseph was not in the deal.

If the Jacksons are getting a divorce, it makes total sense. If they’re not, it’s just a typical Jacksonian rumor leading up to Michael’s birthday on August 29th. He would have been 52.

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  1. I think that Michael Jackson should leave Joe she Is a Very beautiful Women and she should Have a Better life with someone who is going to Love her and will not cheat on here Mother Jackson I know that it is very hard to loose a Child I love your son Michael from the bottom of My heart and my heart goes out to you,just be strong and hang in there One of these days my dream will come true and I will get to meet you and hopefully you will take to Michael grave site and I will leave flowers and talk to the king of pop

  2. And just who is this friend that you think is believable?
    I won’t believe this until it is checked,double-checked,the divorce petition filed and made public.

  3. Do what is best for yourself and Michael’s kids Mrs. Jackson. Michael is missed so much. August 29th, will be Michael birthday. Happy 52nd birthday Michael. Miss you.

  4. i think its never to late … we tend to do the things we do for are children stay in a relationship for are kids regardless ,time for you to go on.Im sure your family respect your decision ,I know i do.

  5. the German tabloid newspaper BILD will publish a dementi tomorrow about the divorce. Well either it is correct then or there will be some more details about the matter as it is often the case if a statement is published by a paper.

  6. Totally agree with the other poster who said “too little too late”. That is so true. All this is is a legal attempt to prevent Joe (or more specifically Joe’s bad business debts from years gone by) from touching Katherine’s inheritance. My gosh, does this family care about anything besides money? What about the public stress and strain, additional public scandal, not to mention private turmoil this kind of announcement will cause for the children and others in the family right at the time that Dr. Murray’s trial is beginning? Did Katherine ever think about that or is money the bottom line for both of them? 60 years of abuse and now she’s filing at a time when this family needs it the least. They haven’t lived together for years. She doesn’t have to see him daily. It’s not like divorcing him is going to get him to shut up and leave her alone. All it does is stir up more trouble. Give me a break. The damage was done long ago.

  7. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — Katherine Jackson is a dumb old woman.

    She stayed married to that no-good husband of hers for all these years — sat by while he fathered a child outside of their marriage. Not to mention his emotional AND physical abuse of the children she had with him.

    Guaranteed crooked old Joe Jackson goes out of his way to get a big financial settlement from his idiot wife. It’s funny that Joe has gone out of his way trying to get money from his son, who left him nothing — even trying to sue Dr. Murray for wrongful death.

    Joe Jackson is an old man. With any luck, he won’t be around much longer.

    It’s a shame the matriarch and patriarch of this dysfunctional family are spending their later years just as they’ve spent their entire lives — living off of, and benefitting from their superstar son.

    They BOTH make me sick.

  8. This is an absolute shameful conclusion if this is true. Like modern day couples they are falling apart becuse of Michael’s money.

    Joe Jackson despite his warts is reponsible for the success of all of “them.” With a large family, he could have walked away. No way to go Catherine… at this stage of your life what’s this all about? Black families dont fall for the divorce because its hip to do so– they work at keeping the family together.

  9. Too little too late. Katherine willingly stayed in a marriage with a man who cheated on her, beat her children into dysfunction, & fathered a child outside of the union. Now she wants a divorce?? She probably doesn’t want Joe to have any chance of touching her money. That is all this is about. It’s been 60 years. Is it really worth ending now?? She & Joe must take responsibility for contributing to Michael’s damaged existence.

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