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Flash: I just heard from Los Angeles that Michael Jackson’s long time manager, Frank Di Leo, has triumphed in court against a crazy claim from a concert promoter.

The word is that AllGood Entertainment’s assertion that DiLeo had agreed to let Michael Jackson tour for them, and for Patrick Alloco and Leonard Rowe to be involved in Michael’s London concerts, was found without basis by a judge. AllGood’s claims, I’m told, were thrown out. We’ll get more details in a little while.

Alloco, Leonard Rowe, Joseph Jackson were among those who banded together to try and derail Michael’s deal with AEG Live and get “control” of the concerts.

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  1. “Triumph”? I’d hardly call it that. He double-crossed Leonard Rowe by acting as Michael’s manager when in fact he was not. Took Leonard’s money and gave them nothing in return. He got off the hook because the contract was not legally binding – precisely because he was NOT Michael’s manager when he signed it. He is as dishonest as all the other vultures around MJ.

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