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Hugh Grant–remember him? Cited in the paper today for appearing with a “bevy of beauties.” Whatever that means.

Stuttering, blinking Hugh used to be in the movie business. But after “Did You Hear About the Morgans?” and “Music and Lyrics”–two movies no one should be forced to watch again–Grant is without a project. He has nothing in the can and no listings in development.

I do think it’s time for the sequel to “Notting Hill,” but no one asked me and I’m not paying for it. In the meantime, Grant remains a curio of his generation. With no movie shot for 2011, he’s taking the chance of being off the radar for more than two years.

…Meantime, there’s another Olson twin! Who knew it? Elizabeth Olsen is the 21 year old sister of pencil trolls Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen. She plays Catherine Keener‘s daughter in “Peace, Love and Misunderstanding.” Her brother is played Nate Wolff, son of Polly Draper and musician Michael Wolff. Nate and his brothers have a successful tween band called The Naked Brothers. Elizabeth must be very small since no one’s really noticed her before. But maybe she’s the actual actress in the family…

Mickey Sumner has landed a role in Showtime’s “The Borgias” as a lady in waiting. Mickey is the talented actress daughter of Sting and Trudie Styler. She’s also just booked a couple of indie films…

Matthew and Cari Modine just returned from Italy, where Matthew’s been shopping a film script…Matthew just wrapped a film called “The Trial,” and is looking for series work with either Showtime or HBO, I’m told, after making his Broadway debut earlier this year…

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  1. I loved Music and Lyrics and have watched it multiple times.

    The only problem with “Morgans” was old horse face. Really everything was against casting her *except* they fact they she has such a strong brand as a New Yorker and this was a fish out of water movie.

    If there was a lead actress with either chemistry or comedic ability Morgans would have been a hit. Hugh Grant certainly held up his end.

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