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The missing gossipeuse is coming back.

Only in New York, kids: Cindy Adams tells me she will return to her page in the New York Post around mid-September, or “right after the Jewish holidays.” Sounds good to me.

Cindy has been MIA since May 20th when a mysterious illness started making her more and more tired. I’m sure she’ll tell us all about it when the time comes–something to do with burst appendix and the awful consequences.

So it’s good news. But keep sending those emails. I’m printing out all the well wishing comments for Cindy and sending them over to her at the end of the week.

By the way, she did tell that her pals Judge Judy and Barbara Walters saved the day and took extra good care of her. So hats to them!

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  1. To Ms. Adams, A day with out you is just another run of the mill day. Missed you when you were “under the weather”. Not only do I love you as a person I love how you are with the dogs and all you do for their benefit. After living in my building for 33 years they have grandfathered us who do not own our apartments.! Only owners can have pets. Can you imagine with out Jazzy Jr & Juicy. I have disabiliting arthritis which itself is soooo depressing but when I read your column I feel so much better ( may-be a bit of escapism?)
    Well, Thank you again.. for all the dogs…who need to be spoken for
    lynn daly

  2. Have missed you, worried about you, and prayed you were well and happy. So glad to read you are coming back.

    Have loved you since the wonderful piece you wrote about people not so nice, in a conversation you overheard, when you and Joey were out to eat toward the end of his journey.
    It showed such love and kindness and a wonderful reminder of how we can live our best lives.

    I wish there was something I could do for you!

  3. Today is a GOOD day!!!!! I just saw the news of your return. Can’t wait to have you back, Cindy. It’s been too long with you away. Best wishes from the Midwest!!

  4. Delighted to hear the news!!! Oh, how I have missed my “Cindy” fix every morning and have been suffering from withdrawal symptoms. No one can match you for wit or scoops. You’re a class act and a national treasure. Looking forward to your return. Love and Hugs. Lee, East Rutherford, NJ

  5. Dearest Cindy…
    How am I to start my day/my morning without you? I am a government drone (the kind that performs a menial task and keeps the seat warm until replaced by another government drone) and each morning I start my day by reading your column. My mornings haven’t been the same without you. I have missed you. Your column. Your wit and caustic humor. Hurry back, no one could replace you.
    Best Wishes and Continued Good Health!!!
    People outside of NYC love ya too.
    Terence C.
    Atlanta, GA

  6. Every day I looked in the newspaper for Cindy Adams’ column and did not find it
    – of course it was an exhausting task until my wife suggested ONLY reading the NY Post and recycling all these other dailies –
    and the nice folks at the Post had printed a tiny box that said “Cindy Adams is ill, her column will return soon” UNTIL TODAY! I looked three times and couldn’t find it!
    Then I found this note “and everything is O.K.!”
    Thanks Mr. Friedman!

  7. This was written during a big NYC snow fall during 2009 when NYC city shut down.

    Ode To Page Six’s Cindy Adams
    By D.K. Milgrim-Heath © 2009-2010
    Sometimes so early I really do my internet thing-
    During outside darkness hours before any birds sing.
    My morning ritual’s reading Page Six’s Cindy Adams every day-
    Her columns can be both witty and serious in every way.
    As New Yorkers we understand Manhattan’s greatness by things great or small-
    Even when our city shuts down because of a heavy, wintery snowfall.
    Plus our Cindy’s a doggie Mommy to her darling Yorkies we all know-
    That she named Jazzy and Juicy that’s was befittingly so!
    As my favorite New York columnist I do keep that in mind-
    Cindy Adams you’re such an asset to your NY Post paper–you’re one of a kind!

  8. Finally some news about Cindy. I have looked everywhere for news about her and you have been the only one to mention her. Please tell her to get well and hurry back. I like to start my day with her column and of course yours.

  9. Thank goodness! Love Cindy and have missed her so much… I read her column every day, and it just hasn’t been the same without her. Feel better and hurry on back!

  10. Mornings have not been the same without your column. I have missed you terribly and am looking forward to your return. Best wishes and God speed.

  11. Thank you so much for giving us some information on Cindy! Even the New York Post hasn’t said a word on where she’s been and news surrounding her absence cannot be found anywhere online but right here. Give her our best wishes for a speedy convalescence and let her know just how much she is loved and missed.

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