Home Celebrity Madonna: Watch Kabbalah Members Dance to “Like a Prayer”

Really, you have to see this to believe it. Members of the Kabbalah Center dancing to Madonna‘s “Like a Prayer.”The first people you see in this video, which I stumbled on, on You Tube: Karen Berg leading elderly Philip Berg, who’s said to have been hit by several strokes, into his birthday party last year. There’s no sign of Muki Oppenheimer, Karen’s best pal. You couldn’t make this up. I guess these people needed something to atone for come Yom Kippur.


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  1. why are you hating? looks like a group of people having a great time.
    Most of the time with there is finger pointing, the finger pointer should take a look at him/herself and figure out why the judging others. Cheers and good luck with your inner journey!

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