Home Celebrity Wyclef Jean: Haiti Prez Candidate Still Has An Album to Release

Wyclef Jean is going to announce his candidacy for president of Haiti tomorrow night (Thursday) on “Larry King Live.” It’s not a well kept secret.

At the same time, Jean has an album ready to go for Sony/Columbia called “The Haiti Experience.” He’s been working on it for a while. It’s his last album on his Sony contract.

So the question is, is Wyclef willing to suspend his music career for 5- 10 years to rescue Haiti? “The Haiti Experience” may be his last CD for a long, long time.

It’s so interesting how this story is developing. Who knew that Wyclef Jean never applied for a U.S. passport? All this time he’s retained his Haitian citizenship. He’s traveled the world on a Haiti passport.

But this is clearly what Wyclef was meant to do. Fighting with Lauryn Hill over the Fugees for the rest of the his life would have been a waste of time. It’s been clear to anyone who’s listened to Clef speak on politics, or freestyle rap, that he was destined for big things. His lyrics were never about greed and self love, and ho’s. He was always trying to figure out his role in the world, and in relation to Haiti.

By the way, despite efforts to knock him down with hyperbole and tabloid reporting, Wyclef is in good shape. All the accounting troubles at his charity have been resolved. His dealings with the IRS are quite amicable as well.

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  1. George, you’re adorable! If you haven’t noticed, disaster abounds in Haiti. At his worst, Wyclef could only manage to maintain what is.

  2. If all is well, then why has the Smoking Gun obtained copies of the tax liens filed against him? In addition, given his highly questionable handling of his own charity, how can it be expected that he can handle the economy of an entire nation? Although Wyclef’s presidency will be a feel-good story, I see disaster written all over this. If he can’t manage his own finances, how can he manage a country’s finances?

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