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“Mad Men” episode 3, Season 4: the show makes its first “Bewitched” joke. Harry notices Don has a layover in Los Angeles on his way to Acapulco. He says he should go to the Brown Derby and find “Bill Asher.” Harry says: “He’ll probably cast you.”

Well, William Asher was the producer of “Bewitched” and husband of star Elizabeth Montgomery. Maybe Don could be Darrin’s evil twin? The clip is on the AMC website.


Meanwhile, Fancast is now showing a different clip from the same episode, called “The Good News.” Apparently the ‘good news’ is that Joan is still capable of getting pregnant. She visits her ob/gyn and discusses having children with that idiot husband who’s now on his way to Vietnam. Why, Joan, why? Divorce him! Matt, kill him! Whatever. Joan also reveals she’s had two abortions. I don’t care. Whatever Joan does is ok with me.


I wrote in the last “Mad Men” item that Joel Murray was so good as Freddie. I didn’t realize he’s Bill and Brian Doyle Murray’s younger brother. He was also a regular on “Dharma and Greg.” He’s great. More Freddie please!

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