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CBS–stupidly–is canceling 54 year old “As the World Turns.” They’re replacing it on September 20th with their own version of “The View.”

But this new show could be more of a soap than “World Turns” from what I hear.

The word inside is that there’s already trouble among the personalities hired to host this lame attempt at late afternoon chitchat. And this should get interesting. The ladies chosen for the show are Julie Chen as moderator, with Sharon Osbourne, Holly Robinson Peete, Sara Gilbert, Leah Remini, and Marisa Jaret Winokur. (Think about this: an Asian, a Jew, a Black, a Lesbian, a Scientologist, and a person who was on Broadway. Talk about demographics!)

The word is that Sharon Osbourne, who takes no prisoners and suffers no fools, is not so happy with Peete, with whom she just shared a season of “The Celebrity Apprentice.” Osbourne doesn’t have much use for Scientologist Leah Remini, either, from what I am told. Her alliances are with Chen and with Sara Gilbert, former “Rosenanne” actress and real life lesbian mom.

One insider to the still unnamed show told me: “I doubt it will run very long.” CBS is trading the stablity of five decades with “World Turns” for this potential daytime drama. Yikes.

Chen is the only member of this squad with news experience. I like Julie, but she suffers from charges of nepotism since she’s married to CBS chief Les Moonves. She now appears on the Early Show and hosts “Big Brother.” The joke at CBS is that she’s in line to get a “CSI” gig at this rate.

Remini should prove to be a big problem on the new show, especially if she starts espousing Scientology dogma about psychiatry and psychotropic drugs for children. Many of the mothers whom CBS hopes will watch have made hard decisions to give their ADHD children Ritalin. It’s a controversy in the making.

Will these gals get along? Or will the whole thing turn into the predicted unruly squabble? We’ll have to wait and see once the show debuts, but it sounds like it won’t take too long.

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  1. Leah Remini is a very open outspoken Scientologist – But how many of you know that Sharon Osbourne, Sara Gilbert (and wife Allison Adler) and Julie Chen (and husband Leslie Moonves) are secret Scientologists ? Check out the show and watch in wonder why a blunt outspoken (usually offensive) woman like Sharon Osbourne refuses to SAY or ASK anything AT ALL about the controversial Scientology to Leah Remini.

  2. We can only hope tat someone asks leah about psychiatry or better yet, the evil warlord Xenu that L Ron Hubbard claimed is to blame for all our problems.

  3. I will admit, I want to watch this just to see what ridiculousness Leah the Scilon will spout, and how insane she will react when the rest of the cast shoot her down. Scientologists HATE when anyone takes an opposing view to anything they say/believe in.

  4. Julie Chen doesn’t suffer from charges of nepotism. Her very career smacks of it.

    This sounds dumb. ATWT was something I remember watching with my mothers. Nobody has any respect for stability and longevity anymore.

  5. None of these women are appealing to me. I’ll stick with the view. BTW, it took Barbara Walters about 3 years to finally find the right mix of women (the current ones) to make the show interesting and worthy of watching….I predict this show won’t make a notch against the View. And why is Sharon Osbourne called upon “again” to host a show? My God, isn’t there somebody else who needs the job?

  6. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, again, Roger! That combination is almost guaranteed to produce an explosion.

    Of course, if CBS is really going for gold, maybe they could book Dr Drew for the first show?

    I’m sure the scientologist (what’s her name), would foam at the mouth with each suggestion from Dr Drew……

    Oh, and why not throw in a Prozac or Zoloft advertisement every 10 minutes or so…..

    I can hardly wait!!! But if CBS wants to rent my eyeballs for an hour, then I want to see some real action…..claws extended and fur flying….. and my money is on Dr Drew!!!

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