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Perez Hilton isn’t exactly known for his accurate reporting. Maybe his advertisers should start realizing this.

Anyway, Hilton announced on his site that Madonna was planning a Live Aid like concert for Malawi in September. Hundreds of websites picked this up, and now Madonna’s concert is all over the web.

Only problem: it’s not true. Perez was punk’d, or whatever. Fooled.

On the Raising Malawi website, they’ve posted a notice clearly stating that reports of a concert are FALSE.

For one thing, it’s unlikely Madonna’s planning a gigantic worldwide event in two months. She’s in the middle of shooting her movie, “W.E.”–her take on the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. For better or worse, she’ll be out of pocket for many months.

For another: rock stars would probably not do a big free show for Malawi, just one African country. Or for Raising Malawi, a not for profit organization that’s a front for Madonna’s Kabbalah Centre. Raising Malawi, as seen through tax documents, is tied to the Kabbalah Center in many ways. Just follow the little red string.

As for Perez, this is what’s wrong with the internet: inaccurate posts, not corrected, become some kind of ‘truth’ that can’t be expunged. They create massive web garbage that can’t be erased later. Readers beware.

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