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Ken Starr is still in jail today, despite attempts to get bail. The imprisoned money manager is charged with defrauding dozens of celebrity clients of at least $59 million. Some of the names include Uma Thurman, Carly Simon, Al Pacino, Neil Simon, Lauren Bacall and Mike Nichols.

The government is building its case against Starr and looking for his assets. They might be interested to know that Starr has four automobiles that might not have been on anyone’s list.

Recently an auto insurance company sent out a letter because Starr was behind on his payments. The cars are a 2010 Yukon Denali, and three Mercedes.

The Denali is the most interesting because its policy carried the name of another driver. That driver, it’s suspected, may have been chauffeuring around Marisa Starr, Ken’s ex wife and mother of his two younger children. The Starrs divorced in May 2007. As I reported a few weeks ago, Marisa Starr got a very nice settlement package from her ex: $750,000 a year in perpetuity, plus a possible extra cash lump sum settlement and a $2,500 a week salary from Starr & Co. investment advisers.

“She knows where all the bodies are buried,” says a source.

Marisa Starr’s divorce arrangement with Ken Starr should be of interest to prosecutors. Even though the couple was divorced, Marisa was still living like she married to Starr.

Ron Starr, who worked as the head of Starr & Co. wrote a two page memo to his father in April 2009 about Marisa Starr‘s spending. I’ve seen the memo. Ron Starr, copying the company’s controller Roseann Ragano, complained: “This is why Marisa’s expenses must stop.” He itemized vacations, personal charges, and her boyfriend’s bills.

The cars are probably just a few of the things Starr has secretly hidden — from everyone. In the meantime, considering how the Feds went after Bernie Madoff’s associate Walter Noel and his entire family today–those close to Starr– from ex wife Marisa to various business associates–should be on alert.

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