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Tom Cruise can only look at the box office results for “Knight and Day” and shudder.

The film will cross the $70 million mark this week. But it’s unlikely it will get to $75 million domestically. It’s his worst performance at the box office since “Far and Away” in 1992.

Even “Valkyrie” did better, with a total of $83 million. It would be hard to imagine “Knight and Day” ever getting close to that number.

Internationally, “K&D” has done better of course. Where English has not been a first language, audiences haven’t minded the travelogue vanity caper. The film has yet to open in the U.K., Spain, France or Italy. Cruise may get some action there. So far the box office abroad has come to just over $60 million.

But just think: “Inception” has made in four days what it’s taken “K&D” almost a month to rake in.

The only movie with which Cruise has been associated recently that’s done worse was “Lions for Lambs,” but that was a film that also featured Meryl Streep and Robert Redford in a kind of weird experiment.

Paramount will hope that “Mission Impossible 4” will be its own draw, and that Cruise’s negative factors will be outweighed by the series’ built in appeal. The odds are “MI4” will feature Cruise surrounded by a team of spies including some new hot actors. Did I hear Taylor Lautner? Also, in this age of vampire-mania, they could resurrect Cruise’s character from “Interview with the Vampire” as his doppleganger. Just some ideas!

But Cruise may have to face the fact that his big run of $100 million films is over. It was good while it lasted. But box office, unlike diamonds, is not forever. Just ask Sylvester Stallone and a handful of stars who made it big in the 1980s. Cruise would be well advised to concentrate on character roles like the one he played in “Tropic Thunder.”

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  1. You are correct TG Smith. Cruise is very talented. In areas where most actors dream of performing he has done it over several times. Religion is a personal preference and whatever he wants to worship he has the right to. Now that he has publicly said he is a scientologist we try and crucify him. We are doing the exact same thing people have done to people decades ago but I guess because we pay to see it we have a right….wrong. Some of you probably watched the bootleg version. Nobody comes up to you at your job if you have one and says “well you know what…your days of flipping patties are over…you dont even deserve that. Maybe you should stick to begging on some street corner”. He may not be my favorite actor in terms of talent. But he has done what people like yourself and many others have dreamed of. He has overcome multiple obstacles and for that he is my hero. A man who has followed his dreams wholeheartedly and nobody should be crucified for that.

  2. Tom Cruise is one of the greatest actors of our generation. He hasn’t gotten an academy award because the academy uses the reward to make political statements and condemn someone for their religious believes. Am I the only one that saw Fourth of July? Don’t we have freedom of religion in this country? Knight and Day is an extremely entertaining movie and that’s what I go to the movies for…entertainment. All Tom Cruise owes me is a good performance when I buy a ticket, his personal life is non of my concern and shouldn’t be yours. He always delivers a great performance and a great movie and Knight and Day is no exception. I will buy a ticket to anything he is in….what he does looks easy, because he is so good at it. I would really like to see some of the critics get up and try…

  3. Deal with Mr. Cruise is that he is a marginally talented actor who has chosen some excellent roles…..now add to that an out of control private life, out of the norm religous beliefs and the public got to see the real Ton Cruise behind the ” wizard of Oz” curtain and you know what I thin we have decided we don’t like who he real
    Y is and what he represents. It seems everything he does is calculated for public appeal and i think we have wizened up.

  4. Tom Cruise was not suited for that type of comedy deliverance. I vote Gerald Butler; he would be the better actor to play the part.

  5. It’s not that Cruise doesn’t have an audience…he still does. The problem is these movies cost too much to be really profitable. K&D will gross $200m worldwide soon (as did Valkyrie), but it cost $115m to make. Add in prohibitively high marketing costs and it may not make money, as was the case with the last MI film.

  6. Tom Cruise is still the man in my book. Knight and Day was awesome. If people don’t go see it it’s their loss. It would be sad if bigotry is behind the numbers drop.

  7. maxinpains,
    RE: “Mission Impossible 4 will do $100 million easy.”
    Well, if it costs $200+ million (including marketing), that means it will LOSE money bigtime! Duh!

  8. “Internationally, “K&D” has done better of course. Where English has not been a first language, audiences haven’t minded the travelogue vanity caper. ”

    Also provides an excellent opportunity to rename the picture to somethign that might attract an audience.

  9. I agree he needs to pursue more character -driven roles, like George Clooney’s “Up In The Air” or “Michael Clayton”. He truly shined with character roles in “Jerry Maguire” & “Tropic Thunder.” Cruise has acting talent – he just needs to be more discrimitating. I just wish people would lay off his religious preferance & his personal beliefs- it is not hurting anyone.

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