Home Television Lost Auction Set for August: Polar Bear Not Included

I want the blue VW van from the Dharma Initiative!

And you can have it, too. All the stuff from “Lost” is going up for auction on August 21st and 22nd.

You can see it all at http://www.profilesinhistory.com/lost-auction-preview/lost-auction-preview/page-5-5.html

Mr. Eko’s Jesus stick, Desmond’s photo of himself and Penny, Charlie’s ring, Daniel Faraday’s journal with all the time travel scribblings–they’re all part of the deal.

There are some pretty odd, expensive things in there too: Locke’s wheelchair, Jin’s Rolex, and the Swan station turntable and projector, as well as the pearl necklace Sun’s Korean lover gave to her.

But I do want that van. It’s the coolest.

And, no, the Smoke Monster, the polar bear, and stuff from the Hatch don’t seem to be included.

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