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Remember a few weeks ago I told you about Hyatt Hotel heir Dan Pritzker–he’s been shooting a film about a little known jazz musician for three years. It’s called “Bolden!” starring Anthony Mackie. It’s still shooting and re-shooting.


Pritzker also made a silent film called “Louis” about Louis Armstrong–and it’s debuting on Wynton Marsalis‘s jazz tour this summer. It’s a whole separate film that Pritzker has made while making “Bolden.”

Here’s the trailer, which just debuted on ITunes.


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  1. You could say a little bit more about who Buddy Bolden was.

    Per wikipedia “Many early jazz musicians credited Bolden and the members of his band with being the originators of what came to be known as “jazz”, though the term was not yet in common musical use until after the era of Bolden’s prominence. At least one writer has labeled him the father of jazz.[3]”

    Being the “father of jazz” is a little more to the point than just labelling him as another obscure jazz musician.

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