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Everyone’s talking about “Batman 3,” the last part of Christopher Nolan‘s trilogy. He started with “Batman Begins,” and then followed up with “The Dark Knight.” So far the IMDb is reporting four actors who have roles:

Christian Bale as Batman/Bruce Wayne; Gary Oldman as Police Commissioner Jim Gordon; Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox; and Michael Caine as Alfred, the butler.

But who should play Robin, the Boy Wonder, aka Dick Grayson? Catwoman? The Riddler? Mr. Freeze? Harvey Dent–if Aaron Eckhart doesn’t come back? And what about a love interest for Batman? Katie Holmes was in “BB.” And Maggie Gyllenhaal was a sexy pair of legs in “The Dark Knight.” Which femme fatale should come and sweep Bruce Wayne off his feet this time?

And who should do the music? Remember when Prince provided the soundtrack to the 1989 Tim Burton film called “Batman”?  And don’t forget, Seal had a huge hit with “Kiss from a Rose” from “Batman Forever.” Is it time for Lady GaGa?

Here are some crazy ideas:

Robin: Shia LaBeouf, Justin Bieber, Zac Efron, Taylor Lautner

The Riddler: Andy Samberg, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel

The Penguin: Jonah Hill, Dick Cheney, Mike Myers

Catwoman: Lady GaGa, Penelope Cruz, Beyonce, Kristein Stewart

A girlfriend for Bruce Wayne, maybe even a Batgirl (remember Yvonne Craig?): Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, Heidi Montag (just kidding)

That’s your weekend homework. Get cracking!

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  1. Wow… I’m glad Nolan has a better brain than the general public.

    ROBIN: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, ( Perfect roll for his career right now, but I also love the idea of Shia Labeouf, but he’s too big to be playing a roll like this and he’s going to be too busy reviving Indiana Jones that Spielberg so rudely ruined.)

    Now before we get into casting ideas for any type of villain for Batman, we have to go ahead and put it out there that any post villain for Batman will NEVER compare to the performance of the late Heath Ledger.

    RIDDLER: This is a hard role to place. Mainly because the riddler isn’t a very “DC Dark Comic” role. Not to mention the fact that how on earth can you beat of Jim Carey as the Riddler?! haha. However, I think Johnny Depp could do a good job at switching this role for viewers. Bringing the sinister mindset, yet fun side of the Riddler. Another option possibly Colin Farrell.

    PENGUIN: This role is perfect for the DC dark. And again, hands together for the great performance by Danny DeVito. However, someone who I could see playing an outstanding award for this role. None other than Andy Serkis (Gollum of Lord Of The Rings).

    CATWOMAN: Alright, so lets be honest here and say that no one really takes this role seriously. People try to find the sexiest actress at the time to squeeze into a tight, black, leather one-peice (Michelle Pfeiffer , Halle Berry..oh yeah and apparently Anne Hathaway, go figure). So with that known, and out on the table so no one has to lie about it… Lets try and put a sexy woman that can ALSO ACT… This time….I believe this actress could bring exactly what everyone wants to see. The level of sexiness, while also spot on performance. Natalie Portman. I believe she has proven herself to be an actress to remember.

    Robin: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    Riddler: Johnny Depp
    Penguin: Andy Serkis
    Catwoman: Natalie Portman

    (Added extra thoughts…
    Harley Quinn: Ellen Page
    Poison Ivy:Helena Bonham Carter
    Bat-Girl: Jena Malone
    Mr. Freeze: Liam Neeson
    Mad Hatter: Kevin Spacey

    And there you have it.

  2. Just burn the idea…GARBAGE…NO GAGA OR HALLE….THEY BOTH SUCK….robin? Think not…riddler hmmm either carry or depp will do…the penguin?….no….keep him out…let davito keep the crown for that role….PUT IN CHARACTERS NEVER USED….CLAYFACE….MAD HATTER (eneven though hes a joke character)…..SCARFACE…..MANBAT….KILLER CROC……..THE CLOCK KING..HARLEY QUINN…..

  3. We need a person who’s similar to Jim Carry because he played a good Riddler, so obviously we wont have him again but someone close. In my opinion, i think Johnny Depp would be a good idea for the part of the Riddler. He did good as Jack Sparrow who had a great combination of humor and serious, he did good as Willy Wonka who was more humorous than serious, and as The Mad Hatter. I think Johnny Depp as the Riddler would be a good combination

    If Justin Bieber is cast for Robin, I’m raging, like, fiery pits of hell raging.

    Jimmy Kimmel with his body size i think would make for a better penguin than Riddler, though Jonah Hill also looks like a nice fit too, i just wonder if he could actually pull it off. Not Dick Cheney, he’s too evil to play Penguin, Dick Cheney would be more appropriate in a X-men: Apocalypse or Superman: Dark Side role.

  4. If Justin Bieber is gonna play Robin I’m gonna shoot myself. Seriously.

    No I’m not a Bieber-hater, I think people should just let him be, it’s not his fault that tweens are obsessed with him. But seriously NOBODY FUCK WITH MY FANDOM THIS BAD!


  5. Are we forgetting that the original Robin (Dick Grayson) was an 8 year old child, and not the college student that Batman Forever made him? Out of the 6 Robins in the Batman franchise, Dick was the youngest. He severed as Robin up until he was fired before he left for college. Seeing as Nolan’s Batman is a younger Batman, if Robin were to be in the movies at all, it would have to be child Dick Grayson, not some teenager played by Justin Bieber or one of the Jonas Brothers.

  6. This is probably the least intelligent and the most illogical thing I’ve ever read. Christopher Nolan is not going to waste anyone’s time with a Robin or Penguin character. And those casting ideas could not have been worse. Let’s remember who’s making the film and what he’s all about. Nolan wouldn’t ruin one of his films with any of those horrible actors. And why would you even suggest that some artist like Lady Gaga would be involved with the soundtrack? Are you serious? I’ll tell you right now who will do the soundtrack: Hans Zimmer. Real films don’t have crappy songs from the hot pop artists of the time, they have scores from geniuses like Hans Zimmer. If you want Tim Burton to make another sh!tty Batman movie with all of those ridiculous casting suggestions, then that’s great. But for the rest of us who actually enjoy the deeper, more intellectual Batman films by Nolan then let’s get real here.

  7. I think Robin has no place in the Nolan movies, but if he should decide Robin would be a good fit, then Lucian Maisel should get the nod – he could be a REAL kid in the role.

    As to the Riddler – Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been bantered around and I like that, but I like another rumor even more – Elijah Wood.

    Catwoman – There is only one and Michelle Pfieffer was it – leave Catwoman out of it.

  8. First off, Robin won’t be in the third installment because Nolan hates the idea of Robin, and second I can’t tell if these “crazy” casting ideas that are given are real or just for fun, because they’re all terrible, every one of them.

  9. There is NO WAY that all those characters will be in the last movie. And if they were, might I suggest some ideas? Bring back Jim Carrey as The Riddler- he did a fantastic job before; although Robin Williams would be a good choice. Mike Meyers would be great as The Penguin, Taylor Lautner is really proving himself as an actor, so I would like to see him or Zac Efron as Robin. Halle Berry played on of the best Catwomen I’ve ever seen. Her or Emily Blunt would be the perfect pick for Catwoman. As for the love interest for Batman, who knows man? That one’s too tough to call.

  10. Honestly I agree with immortal621. Their should be good actors in this new film, if you guys didnt catch the new Inception flick Nolan just recently produced, it’s absolutely mind-blowing. But as far as the next Batman I would love to see a big star play the role of the Riddler (which might be played by Robin Williams, sources say), or a young star in his prime play the role of Robin. Zac Efron was a good one, Hayden Christenson, or someone like that. Robin was my favorite character growing up so I hope they don’t make him one of those Twilight faggots the first kid listed. Lol.

  11. Halle Berry was not the real Catwoman. Real catwoman is Selinda Kyle.
    I recommend use the real catwoman: no weak fragile woman like in Batman returns or plain dopey in Catwoman movie. We want the comic book version: a strong willed cat reflex thief. She likes batman and bruce wayne. She is a thief but not a enemy of Batman. She would help him more than the villians in the movie. Catwoman should be played by one of the following woman: Emily Blunt, Angelina Jolie or Laga Gaga could do her justice (she has that sexy catlike woman style).

    I would love Riddler and Black Mask in movie. You can even put in Hush in place of Black Mask. All three of those characters have history with Batman and Catwoman.

  12. Wow. Quite possibly to worst casting ideas ever. I doubt Nolan would use Robin, but if he did he’d surely be faithful to the comics and use a kid. As for the rest, they’re either too young, too fat, too unfunny or just too dumb to consider.

  13. LOL at anyone thinking that someone like Beyonce has the acting chops to pull of such a complex character liek Catwoman. this is christopher nolan we are talking about. and need i remind you Mo, that halle’s berry portryal of catwoman was all sorts of disaster. so again, a huge NO

  14. Where i stand on whos playing robin i think shia la’beof should play robin I dont have A REASON why but i think so. Riddler? The choice should be at the most Jhonny Depp theres no other person who could play him originally jhonny depp aws supposed to play riddler. he showed at the premire of Dark knight and said he’ll look into it.Penguin shouldn’t be in this movie at all. He should have stayed in the sewers. there should be no Catwomen the catwomen character should be a love interst. me personally I think joker should be inthis one also Harleen Quinzel (aka) Harley Quin he should be in the Akham Asylum snaping her mind and seducing her. he could tell her what crimes to do on the out side. Two Face and Riddler should team up again but in this series a different scheem. Overall this next install ment should be extra long have a twist and be action packed if ti has all of this this movie will be aaaawweeeesssssoome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. […] But who should play Robin, the Boy Wonder, aka Dick Grayson? Catwoman? The Riddler? Mr. Freeze? Harvey Dent–if Aaron Eckhart doesn’t come back? And what about a love interest for Batman? Katie Holmes was in “BB.” And Maggie Gyllenhaal was… Read More […]

  16. In the comics, Robin hasn’t been Dick Grayson for many years. There were two other Robins; the second one was killed by the Joker. The Batgirl introduced around 1999 is definitely “Kick-Ass” though.

  17. I doubt all those characters will be in the 3rd installment. It will be one major character: Catwoman or the Riddler. And it won’t be ANY of those suggestions which were horrible! This is Chris Nolan’s Batman, not Schumacher!

  18. wtf? this is suppose to be a great big mind blowing movie with action drama and suspense and you named the worst actors to even fit those roles, there should be no robin because as said before there is no reality to it, and christopher nolan has said he is trying to show people what would happen if the batman existed along with those who hated him,

    they hinted riddler would be in it and as a ‘cyber’ threat, so a person who is unknown and is working behind computers to make explosives and starting a round up of the jokers gang to take over, i think ellijah wood could fit the role of a sick and corrupt riddler who’s life is very questionable upon whether or not his back story is told

  19. I agree robin should be in this and definatly the riddler, but catwomen is not and has not ever been a good idea. She’s more of a comic book charactor that should have been left where she was and not taken to the big screen. And as far as the casting for the people other than the set charactors, what in god’s name are you thinking. This movie should have and desirves big stars, maybe people like edward norton for the riddler, or even johnny depp. As far as robin goes you need a passive aggressive young actor who looks a bit reckless maybe like a hayden christenson or cam gigandet.

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