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You have to hand it to Oksana Grigorieva. She played Mel Gibson as if she were Itzhak Perlman on the violin.

Of course, Perlman is Jewish, so Mel wouldn’t like that.

But Oksana’s daily release of Mel’s horrid tapes has pretty much destroyed him. And though he deserves it, not all is what it seems.

For one thing, these taped conversations supposedly took place on January 6, 2010. And yet, there’s Oksana walking the red carpet with Gibson 20 days later for the premiere of “Edge of Darkness.” If she hated him so much, why did she go? Was he pointing a gun to her head? (Maybe, considering the tapes.) The picture accompanying this article was taken that night. You’d think someone who’d been threatened with a gun, hit in the face, had her teeth knocked, child threatened, been called vile names, wouldn’t have put on a gown three weeks later and done a red carpet.

And then again: Oksana accompanied Mel to Eric Mika‘s Hollywood Reporter party two nights before the Oscars. That was on March 5th, two months after Oksana made her tapes. Of course, she and Gibson arrived looking like hell. The pictures from the party don’t do justice to their appearance–as if they’d just awakened after being on a bender. THR’s Elizabeth Guider and I were standing just a few feet from them when this weird couple arrived. They couldn’t have looked worse. But they were together.

A source close to Gibson also tells me that Oksana insisted on going with Mel on his European promo tour of “Edge.” That was all in the time between January 26th and the Oscars. It’s possible that when the Oscar hoopla was over, Oksana decided to make a break for it. But she sure enjoyed the spotlight while she was getting ready.

None of this, of course, excuses Gibson from all the terrible things he’s said and done. Let’s not forget that. It’s just a perfect storm.

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  1. Having been in a volatile relationship like this once 30 years ago I can understand Gibson’s rage. Unless you’ve ever had someone push your buttons to the extreme you will never get it. People’s private lives should not be on display like this and it’s only because he’s a celeb that this dirty laundry is being aired and it’s all about money. Money for her and now money for all the tabloids. I fully believe it takes 2 to tango and it sounds suspiciously like some sort of extortion was being set up. Mel has a lot of issues I doubt he will ever overcome.

  2. I have to agree with Blondie’s comment above. Taping those conversations was the smartest thing this woman has ever done.

    Regardless of whether or not she set Mel up for these conversations (although he sounded like he was doing a pretty good job of making a fool of himself on his own), there he is for all to hear — ranting , raving, dropping racial slurs and hyperventilating through it all.

    As for WHY she “stuck around for two months” after making said tapes – you’d really have to climb inside of her head for the answer to that. There are people in the world, that are so broken, so damaged, that they could be with a man who is clearly verbally, and possibly physically abusive — and stay with that man for YEARS.

    On the outside it will appear as if nothing is wrong. But that’s just part of the sickness of domestic violence and co-dependency.

    Mel Gibson is no choir boy that’s for sure. I have no sympathy for him except that he is likely in emotional crisis. I believe the dissolution of his 29 year marriage was the final straw for him. This is a man who needs to get some serious professional help.

    One can only hope that the embarrassment of this entire situation will inspire him to do just that.

  3. Before everybody pass judgement, go to T*M*Z — there’s a full scale investigation alleging that she tried to extort money and that she was not battered. This all sounds like a setup to me. She’s a slick little Russian.

  4. Mel is still a jerk and research shows it’s not so easy for abused women to just walk away because the abuser always manipulates them into thinking its their fault and if they do better the man won’t abuse them.

  5. Everybody’s ‘finally’ realized what a hate filled jackass Mel Gibson is after the release of these abominable tapes. NEWS FLASH people: Mel was a spewer of hateful homophobic rants way back in the 1990s, long before even that despicable antisemetic tirade a few years ago! I’ve been aware that this man (brute), with the seemingly nice looking exterior, was possessed of a corrupted interior and flawed character for a looong time.

  6. All of this sounds suspicious. T*M*Z is reporting that she tried to extort $10Mil from Mel….and we don’t know that’s his voice….and doesn’t she sound “coached” and a little too cool? I mean, if it was me and somebody was calling me those names, I’d be right back at him loud and clear.

  7. Sure sounds like you’re changing your tune, and becoming an apologist for Mel.

    Regardless what you, or others may think of Oksana and/or her motives, whether it was for becoming involved with him in the first place or staying as long as she did, taping those conversations was the smartest thing she could have done. Had she not done that, it would have been a classic case of he said, she said. And Mel being who he is, most likely would have prevailed, because obviously she wasn’t well known and didn’t have the clout that he did.

    And whether or not the tapes were altered in any way, as you alluded to earlier, it doesn’t change the fact that he said what he did. Anger and rage like that doesn’t come out of the blue; he has a history of blowing up, as we all know.

    And even if her motives weren’t honorable, no one deserves to be spoken to or treated like that. He sounds like an absolute lunatic in the throes of a major meltdown. This whole thing is just so sad. How do you think Mel’s children feel to have all this go public? They have spouses, friends, co-workers.

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