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Mel Gibson‘s latest hateful, screaming taped rant (found at RadarOnline) tells a lot more than before.

In this tirade we learn that Mel is broke, and that he spent $5 million on girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva‘s non existent recording career.

Remember a year ago when we all learned about Oksana? She made a record, and Mel started Icon Records, a division of his Icon Productions, to release it.

On the tape, he’s screaming that Oksana cost him $5 million, and she replies it was for the record company.

Most established artists can’t get $100,000 to make a new album these days. Whoever advised Gibson on this made some kind of crazy call.

At the same time, Gibson pleads poverty, and screams at the top of his lungs that he has no money, that his wife knows everything about his finances, and that he’s had to sell artwork and give up his Lakers season tickets as a result.

How is it possible that Gibson is broke? “The Passion of the Christ” made half a billion dollars. Even “Apocalypto” was a big hit. His Icon Productions remains a huge international player in the film world. http://www.iconmovies.com/home.html. Not only that: in 2008, Icon made millions in a sale of its international sales arm and other related assets.

If Gibson is broke, he could break into the $50 million plus he has parked in his A P Reilly Foundation, which supports his private church in Malibu.

But more likely his impoverished state has to do with–as discussed on the tape–supporting seven children and all their interests and even spouses; and giving half his assets to wife Robyn, whom he left so he could be with Oksana.

Mel once starred in a movie called “Payback.” And as we all know, payback is, traditionally, a bitch.

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  1. Hey Mel, you’re a fool. If you wasted away your fortunes, then you truly are a bumbling idiot.

    Karma, like Dogma, is a bitch. Quit whining, and get your life back on track.

  2. She actually sounds pretty good, he could have save the $5 mil and just took her on Oprah to sing. Her record would have easily sold millions.

  3. She is one hot Russian chicky and may well be worth $5Mil (extortion attempt not withstanding). If I had Mel’s dough I might have spent that kind of loot to tap that a$$ too. And BTW, Mel is no more broke than Bill Gates is broke. Give me a break. He’s easily worth half a billion dollars.

  4. Roger, I discovered your blog last year via your “Someone Tell Oksana He Has No Record Company” post. You were the ONLY JOURNALIST to do some basic fact checking to counter Team Mel’s claim that his mistress was “an internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter/musician.” Last summer I entertained myself by reading the comments whenever when of her “songs” or Mel-directed videos was released on You Tube or her Mel-financed web site (my favorite: “She’s playing her piano and his organ!”). I recently read that Oksana’s CD sold around 200 copies (unverifiable because Soundscan doesn’t track sales below 1,000). Now we hear Mel spent $5 million on her vanity project! She must have some amazing oral talents (and I’m not referring to her caterwaul-ish vocals!).

  5. I have no idea if Mel Gibson is a monster, but I never trust hearing one side of a story and especially when I hear it only after that side has been paid for my an outfit like Radar.

    If he struck her that is a matter for criminal court and the police. The fact that she keeps insisting she did not give/sell the tapes to Radar makes me distrust her side. Plus on those tapes she knows she is being recorded and is eerily calm and in control.

    As the more of these tapes come out and he sounds more and more out of control, the matter of his mental competence has to be considered. If he is mentally ill and this woman has conspired to bait him and then record him when he’s in the grip of mental illness, in my opinion she should get nothing but what it costs to raise their child.

    And what increasingly is making me sick is all the people like Joy Behar who are profiting off of this story, because what else is she going to talk about on her show? Behar in particular seems to always project herself in to these situations and what she would do. I don’t know what happened to her in her past, but it colors everything. She was out for Tiger and any man who doesn’t behave the way thinks they should. She continually goes off ill informed and half-cocked every time. Has anybody seen her stand up? Is she any good?

  6. Roger, I knew it had to be something that cause his rant besides alcohol. He’s po’d at that woman big time…because she probably caused him to spend $5mil promoting the record. And Mel went into a business venture that failed…if you don’t know anything about the record business don’t do it. This is why the man is royally po’d…he has no money….and that’s why he’s back making movies, most of them small-time movies. But he can always produce (and/or direct). Mel should get back to Australia asap…because this woman, who’s Russian and they are dangerous women! is out to destroy him.
    Betcha she has a fella on the side.

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