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mel Gibson‘s situation is just getting worse and worse.

I am told that his faithful (and very nice) press agent, Alan Nierob, of Rogers and Cowan, has been instructed by Gibson’s lawyers not to do anything. Period. His hands are tied. So Nierob, who’s done yeoman service fighting back for Mel in the past, is stuck on the sidelines. He can only watch as more and more awful tapes are released.

And the tapes, which are heard on Radaronline.com and YouTube, are bad. Even if girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva planned them, and she’s the golddigger everyone thinks she is, it doesn’t matter. Her project to destroy Gibson has worked. There will never be an interview he does in the future when someone doesn’t ask him about all this. No amount of mea culpas and “I was drunk” or whatever will work. And looking at the pr interviews Gibson did for “Edge of Darkness” this past winter, it’s a lose-lose situation. Gibson attacked reporters who asked about his DUI and anti-Semitic comments.

Here’s a funny You Tube video someone put together of Mel and Christian Bale, another hot head, having a conversation from their real phone calls.

I’m surprised no one’s put together a parody of Sting’s “Roxanne” called “Oksanne.” That should be next.

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  1. Roger, I read your column almost everyday and respect your opinion. I feel sorry for Mel, obviously the man hasn’t stopped drinking or drugging or whatever he’s doing. But I also read on another message board that he may be having tax problems — if you listen to tape #2, he talked about paying taxes.

    This is what you get when you leave your “older” long-term wife for a hot young thing. I didn’t know they were dating for three years….three years and the wife divorced him when she became pregnant so that means she put up with it through the affair. And the girlfriend, Oksana knew he was married and she must have been putting up with all his craziness for three years. This is sad. He needs to leave the U.S. and go back to Australia to reclaim his life.

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