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Mel Gibson‘s complete and total public ruin — and self destruction– continues unabated.

More tapes of his horrific conversations with baby mama Oksana Grigorieva have been released by Radar Online, aka the National Enquirer. (Yes, they are one and the same.)

On this new tape, which Grigorieva patiently recorded while Mel went ballistic over the phone, includes death threats and language too salty to be reprinted here. Suffice to say, Mel–ever the calm, cool gentleman–never ceases to use the “c” word. He also has much to say about Oksana’s pussy, and I don’t think he’s talking about a house pet.

Gibson also reveals that he left his wife, Robyn, mother of his first seven children, because they had no “spiritual connection.”

Robyn, who is an enigma in all this, is listed as Vice President of Mel’s A. P. Reilly Foundation, with $50 million in assets. The Foundation supports Mel’s non sanctioned private Catholic church in Malibu.

It was only last week that another tape contains Gibson ranting against Oksana and using the “n” word. He was subsequently dropped as a client of the William Morris Endeavor Agency.

In 2006, Gibson was arrested for driving drunk and made famously racist and anti-Semitic comments to the officers involved.

Then his father was revealed to be anti-Semitic, and a Holocaust denier who disavows the pope and has written for Neo Nazi publications.

Gibson never apologized for his own comments or his father’s philosophies.

Being dropped from his agency is no surprise. On the same day he was let go, his long time agent and defender, Ed Limato, died. With Limato gone, Gibson had no one left to protect him. In the time since his arrest and scandal, Gibson’s agency, William Morris, had merged with Endeavor. When Gibson was arrested in 2006, Endeavor’s Ari Emanuel quite rightly swore he’d have nothing do with him.

Gibson has no one but himself to blame in this latest episode. Grigorieva has another child of out of wedlock with another movie star, Timothy Dalton. She claimed to be a musician when Gibson unveiled her in his life, and he underwrote her music “career.”

Meantime. the real losers here–and unfairly–are Summit Entertainment. They have Gibson’s next movie, “The Beaver,” in the can. It doesn’t seem possible that they could release it in 2010 at the rate things are going, without having a press nightmare. The bigger question is why Jodie Foster, the director, who is thought of as a sensible person, would have made a movie with Gibson in the first place.

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  1. The problem for the prosecution is that these recordings are probably inadmissable in court. Presumably, he was not made aware that he was being recorded, which if I recall correctly, is the law in California.

  2. Isnt the big issue that someone sold this recording to the tabloids?

    “Mel Gibson’s Self Destruction Continues Unabated”… is nothing more than conduct I have read about by various celebs in other books.

    I guess other people are considered as more “rock and roll” than Mel , but really we are talking about the same behavior if not worse.

  3. Okay, here’s my take on Mel Gibson’s latest rant tape — this man needs SERIOUS psychiatric care. Any man who can sit on a telephone and threaten, demoralize, threaten, berate and disrespect the mother of one of his children in one breath — and then claim to love her in the next – is a sick individual.

    He is bipolar at best. The saddest thing here is that he sounds like a classic woman-beater — blaming her for his physical abuse of her. That’s what men who abuse women do.

    And Mel, as out of control as he was during that phone call, did the D.A. a HUGE favor by ADMITTING right on the tape that he did, in fact, punch her in the mouth and knock out two of her teeth!

    The D.A.’s office WILL charge him with domestic violence, and most likely, with making terroristic threats. Gibson actually faults her for leaving him — another classic abuser move.

    I hope and pray that that this man will get himself some help soon. He needs it! Very clearly he has some very serious issues that he needs to resolve.

    Don’t look for him to lose his career though.

    Just ask Charlie Sheen, another woman-beater who manages to maintain a career in spite of marriage after marriage ending after claims of domesitiv battery.

    Charlie Sheen is barely talented. Mel Gibson is a multi-talented man.

    The problem with Mel Gibson is that for as many things as we’ve found out about him in the past couple of years, NOTHING surprises us.

    When you have a guy, already with a reputation lower than crocodile piss — who adds yet more bad behavior to the list. It doesn’t faze you at all.

  4. Jodie Foster made a film with Gibson because they became friends on “MAVERICK”. This was also at the height of accusations against Gibson being homophobic. I personally was always willing to give Gibson the benefit of the doubt because of Foster’s willingness to stick up for him.

    I just hope Jodie doesn’t have to pay a price for her loyalty.

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