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The Tom Cruise-Cameron Diaz film, “Knight and Day,” enters its second weekend at the box office with trouble.

That’s T for Tom trouble. “Knight and Day” has fallen now to fifth place at the box office after 8 days in release. On Wednesday night it dropped past “The Karate Kid,” which been in release longer than “K&D.”

The box office take is now about $33.5 million.

The only good news for “K&D” is that this weekend, only two new films open: “Love Ranch.” which is in limited release, and “The Last Airbender,” which has some of the worst reviews ever. So Cruise and Cameron may be holding steady at number 5 through the holiday.

But it’s likely this will be the last week in the top 10 for “Knight and Day.” Next Friday comes “Despicable Me” and “Predators.”

Meantime, Fox has pushed the UK release of “K&D” from next Friday to August 14th. I guess the idea is that by then, the “K&D” bad press roll will be done, and the stars will get a fresh start in Britain. It’s not a bad idea.

Meantime, “K&D” still has not opened in Spain, despite all the millions spent to have an international premiere in Seville instead of any premiere in the U.S. The excuse may be that the country was preocupado with the World Cup. But still, after making such a scene, and then waiting…It does seem like “K&D” may be jinxed.

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  1. Your analysis is still wrong.

    No one is dying to see this movie, but they will because it is the only choice for the demographic. During the weekdays those people dont show up.

    But other than the 8$ fresh “Grownups” there is nothing else out there.

    Maybe the marketing should have made it look less like an action flick and focused on the luv story.

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