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With the uncertainty surrounding 20th Century Fox’s casting choices for “X Men First Class,” Benjamin Walker has ankled the project.

Walker is negotiating a deal instead to reprise his starring role on Broadway in “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.” The emo-pop musical was a smash hit off Broadway with Walker last season.

The whole “X Men”-“Andrew Jackson” seesaw has been going on for some time. Walker had a signed deal to play Beast in “First Class.” But lately, with the success of “Twilight,” studio execs at Fox have  been obsessed with making the “X Men” X boys.

Suddenly, Fox is nervous because they’ve had some failures at the box office. “Knight and Day,” “The A Team,” and “Marmaduke” almost reverses their success with “Avatar.” Getting “X Men: First Class” right is suddenly more important than ever, I am told.

So far, still, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender remain with the film. They’re the “senior” cast, which is just hilarious. Look for a lot of different Taylor Lautners to assume the other roles. Fox, I’m told, even checked Lautner’s availability.

For Walker and the producers of “Andrew Jackson” this is all good news. Walker will undoubtedly get a Tony nomination next spring, and “Andrew Jackson” has the potential to become a “American Idiot” type hit.

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  1. 20th Century Fox has found their Mystique for X-Men: First Class. Pop star Britney Spears has just signed a deal to play a young Raven Darkholme.

    She signed her contract today at around noon. Spears is repped by William Morris Agency. Spears discreetly auditioned for the role last month at Fox Studios.

    Amber Heard and Megan Fox were originally considered for the role, but a conflict in Fox’s schedule kept her from furthering talks. Fox originally wanted Heard, but opted for Spears instead.

    The casting announcement will be made official at Comic Con, along with a few other casting surprises for Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Dominic Petrakis.

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