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The Drug Enforcement Agency “inspected” Dr. Arnold Klein‘s Beverly Hills office last Tuesday.

Sarah Pullen, spokesperson for the agency, confirmed this for me today.

According to Pullen, investigators didn’t “raid” Klein’s office. But they conducted a rather stringent regulatory examination. It’s called an Adminstrative Inspection Warrant. This meant that they went through all his logs, and did extensive checking to make sure  what drugs are being administered to which patients, and if it’s all being done properly.

Here’s the weird thing: the warrant was not related to Michael Jackson, per se. But Klein, according to sources, has been on the DEA radar because of Michael Jackson for some time.

According to insiders, Klein was so freaked out by the inspection that he left and has not returned to his office since then.

Klein has long been described as Jackson’s Dr. Feelgood. I first reported exclusively last June 2009, right after Jackson died, that Klein had turned in a bill to AEG Live for $48,000 covering Jackson’s invoices with him from March 23-June 25, 2009.

A few months later, Klein sued the Jackson estate for that amount and included a detailed bill. Much of his work was giving Jackson Demerol shots. Witnesses said that Jackson often slept in Klein’s office in the afternoons.

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  1. Michael should have been more cautious of who he called a friend period. In my opinion, he needed to have retired from touring back in 1997 because he said that it took alot out of him. This Is It would have been great but I don’t trust AEG period. Dr. T.T. who was his final financial manager should have never come into his life, but Jermaine got this man and his entourage just to help MJ.

    From the time Michael became wealthy, I wish that he had taken some time to listen to someone and not had so many spiritual advisors period. Michael and Klein spend too much time together, and I would understand how his dad and mom, family and a few close friends would feel about Dr. Klein. During the holidays, these two would get together with a group along with Michael’s three children and be at Klein’s house.

  2. realmente michael es la mejor persona que he conocido y la verdad es una perdida horrible ,michael te adoro mi amor y yo pienso y comparto con tus seguidores que seguramente piensan lo mismo que yo “el doctor conrad munrray tiene mucho que decir y que ver al respecto , me refiero a la muerte de mi rey del pop michael jackson por darle el propofol mal aun asi mi amor te segiré y segiremos apoyando , gracias por haberme inspirado la musica, ayudar a curar y salvar el planeta, querer mas a los niños y tratar de tenerles paciencia y de disfrutar sus risas inocentes y disfrutar mas, de lo que queda de mi infancia ,y gracias por que conocí al amor de mi vida ,eres tu mi vida ,mi amor ,mi cielo ,mi paraiso,mi tooodooo, besos te mando hasta el cielo tu nuevo hogar que tambien mi corazón lo es. que empáz descance mi michael jackson.Que descance en paz.MICHAEL JACKSON ES INOCENTE . TE ADORO MI TODO . Tambien mando esto a..sus lindos hijos MICHAEL PRINCE , PARIS KHATERINE ,Y, MICHAEL PINCE 2° BLANKED, JACKSON . TAMBIEN A LA FAMILIA DE JACKSON , MADRE, KHATERINE, PADRE, JOSEPH, SUS 5 HERMANOS , Y 2 HERMANAS, JANET Y LATOYA , JACKSON .Gracias a ellos tambien por apoyarlo , estoy con ustedes , querida familia. PARA : HIJOS ,HERMANOS ,PADRES , FAMILIARES Y AMIGOS Y FANS Y POR SU PUESTO PARA MI ADORADO …. MICHAEL J. JACKSON .



  3. Axon: Arnie Klein has been a very disturbing presence for over a year-what was the great remark, ‘I saw something and I was happy for them both’, the man is nauseating. I can’t imagine Michael Jackson chosing Jason as a lover-no way. So what does this all mean? Had Michael lived, would this be another extortion attempt with Michael too doped up to remember?
    Another thing, Michael seemed to be a very huggy person, I remember him embracing lots of people. Arnie Klein needs to hide, he lost his entire credibility from the day after Michael’s death when he revealed all the medical procedures, then the peeing in flowerpots, the green jacket, the lawsuit and then the GREAT revelation about SOMEONE’S homosexuality oh and the almighty Klein sperm that he supposedly donated, is this the behavior of a doctor with integrity?
    Hide Arnie, just hide. MMH

  4. You know we don’t even need to waste our time with someone like that Lisa. And I won’t for now. But I never trusted that Dr. Klein, like most of the people MJ had around him in his last years, they just used MJ. Klien should be on trial with Conrad Murray.

  5. MMH: Yes, disgusting. The reason this even entered my mind was because Pfeiffer comes across (on camera) as arrogant, pushy and untrustworthy. He starts talking of hugging Michael and “we were talking about our dads” in a way that makes it sound like a slimy seductive tactic against someone who is actually in a doctor’s office for medical procedures and maybe not quite “with it” after being injected with sedatives.

    Furthermore I don’t believe Michael was gay, not only because he said so, but also because no gay porn (and no child porn) was found on Neverland in the raid. If Pfeiffer made advances and managed to get some physical response, it would probably upset Michael and cause him to wonder if he didn’t know himself. (Even if he didn’t remember it, because he had been put under.)

    I don’t know so I can’t come accuse anyone, but that whole story just sounds odd and repelling. Let’s just say JP sends out bad and angry vibes.

    And then Klein supports him – officially. A doctor and his “CEO” against a patient, and a dead patient at that. Who allegedly was also a friend. Klein & Pfeiffer – strange couple.

  6. Where are all the comments from yesterday(including mine?) @Axon, the idea of Michael sleeping and Jason creeping is beyond belief but anything that comes out of Kein’s office is beyond belief.

  7. As for what Klein and Pfeiffer have actually said themselves on camera: Klein “I gave him Demerol but just small amounts”, and Pfeiffer “Michael was very sexual”. I have this disturbing image in my head of Klein sedating Michael for whatever procedure, and then Pfeiffer groping.

    I don’t know of that happened. But if it did, if he was taken advantage of by this arrogant prick when he was semiconscious, no wonder Michael was looking unhappy for the last month.

  8. An “Administrative Inspection Warrant”? As a health care professional I was told that means the DEA would show up with guns and you just let them do whatever. My personal opinion of this has maybe a hint to do with Michael but there has to be a lot more involved than just Michael for them to call for this type of action. A warrant would have been just if it were just for Michael, as it was done in the past. I remember people freaking out about the 50 injection receipt thing from Klein. We don’t know what the injections were nor if 50 were given of anything. Roger, you have proof those were Demerol shots being given? Where is the receipt? I never saw the word “Demerol” and 50 shots of it, especially at one sitting, would have killed him. Wow, no opioids in his toxicology screenings at death nor any in his house–let’s not forget that now! Means he went at least a week without Demerol. Hmm, sound like an addict, then? Let’s face facts–Klein sold his Chevy SSR aka the “Batmobile” (or tried to at least twice) on eBay as it had Michael’s “provenance”. He also apparently sold out his friend with that Jason crap. How else did he make money off Michael? The truth lies with what people actually witnessed going on in that room each and every time. I admit I can tell Michael was indeed getting work done to his face from March-June so I wouldn’t dare say Michael was just going there to “sleep”–he was getting something legit done. Do not get me started on this “addict” bull and all the dumb piles of garbage that call him a pedophile–go pick up Aphrodite Jones’ and Geraldine Hughes’ books and until then keep your pathetic mouth shut. Your ignorance is not enjoyed.

  9. @Lisa,he was not a pedophile try reading the court transcripts,and the FBI files(who followed him nearly 20yrs and still found nothing),the 77sheriffs who raided his home,and still nothing! MJ had vitiligo,that was proven in the autopsy.He didn’t “buy” any children,those are his biological children,and he was not a “freak” infact the only freaks I see are the trashy media/tabloids who keep spreading lies and slandering an innocent man and his family!

  10. Lisa: I’m going to assume you’re talking about Klein since this article is specifically about him, and you didn’t name any specific names.

    anyway, how dare you call Arnie Klein a skin-bleaching, baby-buying pedophile freak! you don’t even know the guy, and you’re passing judgment on him? how dare you!


  11. From what I read I believe that Jackson used to sleep in the office of his Plastic Surgeon, Steven Hoefflin. I never heard he slept in Klein’s office. Didn’t TMZ used to wait out in front of Klein’s for Jackson to come out? It probably wasn’t a long nap as it used to be an hour or so between TMZ footage uploads.

    I am also led to believe that the whole Jackson is gay hoopla may be more of a media stir up than a Klein/Pfeiffer concoction for money scheme. There’s a site called the Truth about Michael that has the transcripts of both Klein and Pfeiffer’s interview and if they are genuine transcripts it reads pretty tame versus what the Tabloids made it out to be.

  12. @LISA
    The man was and always will be INNOCENT!
    You really must have a miserable life if you hate people you never even met. Do some research instead of watching gossip news all day.
    ALL they do is lie so you stupids go buy it and can trash others.
    We in Holland have a saying and ill translate it for you….go sweep for your own door , im sure there is enough dirt

  13. Makes me wonder– After Klein’s most recent comments– the ones Dame Liz Taylor shot back at– if that was the final straw of Klein blabbing his stories all over (especially the one that MJ was/might have been with Jason Pfeiffer)– and people are letting the DEA (or as Roger wrote, SEA), know where all the bones are buried.

    Very interesting.

  14. The thing that concerns me is the claim of MJ’s supposed bill for 2-3 months. Who in their right mind would admit treating a patient with demerol? And at the tune of $48,000 for a couple of months? What is wrong with this scenario? Oh yeah, he added the cost of the borrowed green jacket, right? Everything about this event is questionable. The judge’s decision to hand over the estate to two suspicious characters. MJ fires branca in 2003 asks for his documents back, hires him back a few days before demise and he is in posession of a 2002 will already? BTW, all this money is MJ’S and the two estate caretakers that are already getting paid ask for another 10% each and it is granted but, the man that is responsible for his existence (his blood) is denied one copper cent? I have a problem with this. No, I have a problem with a lot of this in your face conniving hoopla.

  15. The one enduring image I have of ‘Doctor’ Arnold Klein is that of a fat bellied bloated tick, sitting in the back of a chauffeur driven car like some ugly toad, giving an interview through the open window to paps. He played a big part in Michael’s life towards the end because he was, after all, a legal drug dispenser. His invoices for ‘services rendered’ were grossly inflated too. The man constantly had his hands in MJ’s pockets. To enable a drug addict the way Klein did should almost certainly guarantee some type of investigation of his practice. He should never have enabled Michael the way he did but, hey, as usual in Michael’s world, it was all about the money and how much can we bilk today bro? Klein had substantial influence when it came to Michael.

  16. He SLEPT in Klein’s office in the afternoons? This is odd. Did he hide out there from the rehearsals? And then he got propofol at night?

    The demerol thing is utterly unethical. But if he slept, well, I’m happy if the poor man got any sleep at all – as long as Jason Pfeiffer (aka the “soul mate”) kept his paws to himself.

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