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As usual, everyone has this wrong.

Michael Jackson‘s parents have been sued once again by a newspaper called the Segye Times in South Korea.

But the Segye Times is a front for Reverend Moon’s Unification Church. The church owns the paper, just the way they did the Washington Times.

This financial back and forth between the Moonies and the Jacksons has been going on since 1990. The Jacksons had not toured since the Victory Tour ended in 1984. Here’s what happened:

The Moonies wanted to underwrite a Jacksons tour of South Korea with Michael. According to sources, they contacted Joseph and Katherine Jackson and members of the Jackson family. They gave them all gifts and cash, ranging from Rolex watches to luxury cars. At one point, the group’s representative went to Frank DiLeo, Michael’s manager and brought two casher’s checks for $500,000 apiece. DiLeo refused to accept the money. He said, “If Michael wants to tour South Korea, we’ll call you.”

The truth was, DiLeo and Jackson did not want to be involved with the Unification Church.

The Moonies meantime made a deal with Joseph Jackson and the ever astute Jermaine for the tour. When it didn’t materialize, they sued for their money and gifts to be returned.

In the lawsuit, the Moonies claimed they were out $5.5 million. To avoid losing their Encino home, the Jacksons transferred ownership to Michael. (That’s the short version. The long version, including the parents suing LaToya, is too hard to explain here.)

Michael Jackson settled with the Moonies in 1992. But his parents were separate defendants, as was a concert promoter named Kenneth Choi. They never showed up for trial. In 1994,  a trial judgment was filed against them totaling $4 million. In 1996, the Moonies filed to take possession of the home. That’s when they transferred it to Michael. Since then, the Moonies have just waited. And with interest, they say they’re up to $13 million.

This is interesting: according to sources, because of this judgment, neither Katherine or Joseph Jackson uses credit cards or can get credit. “Everything they do is in cash,” the source says. The judgment was reportedly part of the Jacksons’ 1999 bankruptcy filing for $24 million.

Now, of course, with Michael’s estate being the subject of so much press–and proclamations of earning so much recently–the Moonies are back to get their dough.

Really, you can’t make this stuff up.

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  1. @Kevlar you know were going to hear from one of MJ’s fan, when such ignorent and stupid comments are made. I’m glad to know you have met every dam family on this earth so that you can judge who is sicker. You checked out your family, right? Just because Roger wrote all this B.S. doesn’t mean it happen that way. Roger have been a Jacksons hater, part of that media who loves to try to trash them for any and everything. Root for the Moonies, Hilter, Son of Sam, Osama Bin, who ever. Just back off the Jackson Family. They are not perfect, but show me a darn family who is. And Kevlar if you are talking about MJ being a pedophile, prove it.

  2. @Michael – ‘The 1999 Bankruptcy should have made the judgement against them void.’

    The law in California is such that the debt must have been listed on the discharge paperwork to be included in the bankruptcy. This may indeed be the law everywhere but it’s certainly the law here in California. So let’s say you owe the Moonies $13mil and forget to list it on your bankruptcy filing, that would then be your hard cheese and you’d still have to pay them. That’s why it’s so important to list on the BK paperwork every single debt that you want to have discharged. If Jermaine, Joe and Katherine didn’t do that, they will still be on the hook for the debt.

  3. The Jacksons have been always the losers, except Michael and Janet!

    I wonder how can be these people responsible for anything, first and foremost – Michael´s children!

    They are mentally ILL!

  4. Hi Rodger,
    Michael Bought 50% of the estate from Joe in 1981,that is when michael knocked down the house and built the current house on the property. Joe & Katherine Both Sold their shares to MJ before 1989. The property transfer may have just not actually taken place yet. The 1999 Bankruptcy should have made the judgement against them void. At least this is how it happens in australian law. Jermaine & Jackie also filed for bankrupcy at this time as did jackson comunications(there company)

    Joe Jackson did one thing tho that everyone forget, he never stole from his kids, when they worked when they were children they all recieved due money. He did accept a management fee and sometimes pushed to get them into deals but he did not steal from them like so many show biz parents, for this he should get 1 gold star.

    I am a big fan of yours by the way and met the man michael and spoke to him on the phone about 5 times, the last time in 2003. I have also met Joe Jackson, I am 22 years old. I really do hope someday someone like miko would be able to give a better insight into the real life, the real day to day character, not the cartoon character MJ would like us to believe existed.

  5. Hard to imagine rooting for the Moonies, but the Jacksons are such grifters they deserve no sympathy. There is no sicker family on earth and the way they enabled their pedophile rainmaker is typical of how deranged they are.

  6. I figured Jermaine was involved in it somewhere. I completely understand now why Michael distanced himself from the lot of them. They collectively do not have a head for business. Even though Katherine’s been left 40% of Michael’s estate, she’s still shooting herself in the foot with these unauthorized ‘deals’ she has been making. The Jacksons are surrounded by vultures and crooks who feed into their greed and ineptitude. SMH.

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