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Mickey Rooney serenaded the Michael Jackson fans at the Beverly Hilton tonight. The 85 year old entertainer was a child movie star.

Corey Feldman made a speech.

Genevieve Jackson, Randy’s daughter, performed. But Randy Jackson has made proclamations denouncing the whole event tonight.

Whatever. There was also supposed to be a performance by Marshall Thompson, the remaining member of the R&B group The Chi-Lites. Thompson has become Joseph Jackson‘s bucket boy, following him around and saying he’s got a record label with Jackson.

Both Katherine and Joseph Jackson showed up. Katherine didn’t sign copies of her book, “Never Can Say Goodbye.” She was surrounded by bodyguards, sources say, but seemed to be having a good time.

Majestyk the Magician did a few tricks. Cousin Anthony Jackson spoke. There were officials from Brazil.

The money from the event at the Beverly Hilton is supposed to go to Jackson Family Foundation even though it doesn’t exist and has no registration for a 501 c3 designation. Insiders say the foundation organizers may try and use an existing foundation and merge with them, by passing regular registration.

Sources say tables were full and people are standing at the BHH ballroom. Tickets ranged from $105 to $500 VIP seats.

Voice Plate, the group that sponsored the event, gave Michael Jackson a posthumous Humanitarian of the Century Award. They didn’t say which century. This one is only 10 years old, and Jackson didn’t do much for charity since the 1990s.

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  1. While you were quick to point out he has not made charity donations since the 90’s, I also notice you did not say he set aside 20% for them in his will. The media will never give MJ a break. So sad that even after death; he doesn’t have any peace.

  2. Hey Roger,

    Did you even consider that MJ left 20% to charity in his will?
    I guess you must think thats not too much, when supposedly MJ estate is said to have made over 250 million in 2009 alone.
    Hmm someone is thinking

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