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Michael Jackson‘s kids–Prince, Paris, and Michael–are on a fun filled vacation in Hawaii.

However: they are not with their guardian, grandmother Katherine Jackson. She’s been busy in Indiana and in Beverly Hills commemorating the anniversary of Michael’s death.

So who’s with the kids? Their cousins, the sons of Tito Jackson Taj and Taryll Jackson, and some bodyguards. Almost 37 and 35 years old, the pair of cousins are fast becoming Michael’s kids surrogate dads, or big brothers. (Tito Jackson had his kids young–he’s only 56.)

The trip, which costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, is being paid for their father’s estate. And while no one begrudges the kids a vacation, it does raise the question in their custody: where are the legal guardians?

The tabloids were so excited to get pictures of the kids, none of them stopped to ask what the heck was going on.

Not even nanny Grace Rwaramba is with them.

The children have five uncles and three aunts, but none of them are in Hawaii supervising a 13 year old, a 12 year old, and an 8 year old. This may seem a little unorthodox. The terms of Michael Jackson’s will left guardianship of the kids to his mother only. If she wasn’t able to fulfill the duties, Diana Ross was to step in. It’s unclear if Diana has even met these kids since Michael’s death.

Sources say, though, that Debbie Rowe, biological mother of the eldest two kids, knew before she left for Japan that the kids would be with their cousins, and discussed it with Mrs. Jackson. “She’s very happy they’re with Taj and Taryll,” a friend says.

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  1. “Had Michael been more open about his disease from the start, he would have had less misery and maybe empathy instead.”

    Hi axon – hate to be a total cynic, but I strongly disagree. If MJ had discussed his vitilgo early on, he would have still been mocked. The media and a lot of the public had an agenda regarding MJ, and facts were not going to make any difference.

    For example, even though Prince is showing signs of vitiligo, and it’s been reported that DNA tests done years ago confirmed that MJ is the biological father of his children, you still don’t believe it. And you like MJ!

    BTW MJ did not have “very dark skin”. Akon has very dark skin; Gabourey Sidibe has very dark skin. MJ had light medium brown skin.

  2. @ MWM: Thanks, now I’ve seen the pictures myself, with the spot. (Daily Mail, for those interested.) There could be another condition which, unlike vitiligo, goes away, but if it is vitiligo, one hopes it will not spread too much since the skin becomes very sun sensitive.

    Who knows what goes on in another person’s mind, but Michael was teased by his father both for his broad nose AND his very dark skin. So he wanted a thin nose that didn’t look like his father’s, and lighter skin. I agree that when people knew this, they found it hard to believe the truth, which is he really had vitiligo. But it must have hurt him that not even Quincy Jones believed it.

    Had Michael been more open about his disease from the start, he would have had less misery and maybe empathy instead. One press conference revealing the blotches on one of his legs, for instance, would have gone a long way. But it seems he didn’t even lift his shirt to show Jones.

    I hope the children find out who they are, genetically, when they feel like it, and if they have any doubts. It’s not letting their father down – he’ll always be their father, no matter what. If they haven’t already, they should have a DNA test with Katherine Jackson. I know from experience you need to know at some point.

  3. Just a thought, Debbie Rowe is a hefty girl, I,for one, always gain weight when under stress, those children have had their share of that, change of home, loss of of parent, probably change of diet, gaining weight would be a natural thing and added to that, they are in puberty, no use doing a dance about Michael’s childrens weightwe all want the best for them even at a distance. Period.

  4. I,too,thought that Grace was out of the picture, is she back in?
    didn’t see the picture of Prince with the spot, does anyone have a link?

  5. @axon – Unless the most recent pics of Prince in Hawaii have been doctored, they clearly show depigmentation in the region of the right armpit. Prince doesn’t seem to be concerned about it.

    The whole issue of vitiligo in Michael Jackson was made ambiguous because of comments from insiders like Bob Jones, who wrote that Michael gave himself ‘ungodly’ skin bleaching injections and Quincy Jones who publicly scoffed at the suggestion that MJ had genetic vitiligo (as opposed to a self inflicted chemical type). Bob Jones also wrote that Michael hated his afro hair and black people in general.

    The combination of such statements plus vitiligo plus numerous facial plastic surgeries that favor a caucasian appearance have fueled skepticism in MJ’s own explanations. Not saying that it’s right or wrong or anyone else’s business but that’s the way it is.

  6. I’ve seen a couple of pics of Prince at the Encino pool and in Hawaii, but I never saw any sign of vitiligo. Not that in concerns us.

  7. Ah, Mabel – there are none so blind as those who will not see. No need to lie – neither Katherine Jackson nor media whore Arnie Klein has ever stated anything about MJ’s children and vitiligo.

    There are plenty of pictures of Michael Jackson, Jr. as a baby. He had no “birthmark” under his arm. At the age of thirteen, his armpit and spots on his arm are completely de-pigmented. It’s vitiligo.

    The wife of a famous man with a rare skin disorder gives birth to a child with the same rare disorder. Who’s the daddy? Duh! MICHAEL JACKSON IS THE BIOLOGICAL FATHER OF HIS CHILDREN. (Sorry to yell, but you started it.) Perhaps a psychiatrist can offer an explanation as to why so many find the truth so unsettling that they either ignore it, or claim that noticing it constitutes an attack.

  8. All kids gain weight at this age. Then they get taller and skinner. But who is watching the kids including Jafaar and Jermajesty while the grown up cousins go to a bar or out of a date?

    MJ fans who think MJ3 are MJ’s bio kids are idiots. Prince probably got into some of MJ’s bleaching cream as a child. MJ was born black. Not brown. Very dark. There is no way he is their bio dad. Why does it matter so much?

  9. Good God people, you are daft! Why would you wish a terrible disease like Vitiligo on a child!? And as a way to “prove” paternity no less! Get a grip! The child clearly has a birthmark. End of it. Get over yourselves. The only person who ever said he has Vitiligo is LaToya Jackson! Really!? You want to draw your conclusions based on the credibility of LaToya Jackson?! Please! The woman has made a career out of selling out her brother. Now she is doing the same to his children! Katherine Jackson and Arnold Klein BOTH have stated Prince does NOT suffer from Vitiligo.

    THESE CHILDREN HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO PROVE. They ARE Michael Jackson’s children no matter what their biological origins.

    Stop pointing fingers at the media for scheming ill-will toward Michael (and his children in particular.) It’s Fans (Fanaticals) like you who are all too willing to perpetuate BS (under the guise of “L.O.V.E.” I’m sure) who are equally responsible. Stop the nonsense!

    Hopefully, Michael your children are not afflicted with your small-mindedness!

  10. The children are oky with their with family and they love them…Michael’s Nephews know how thw papparazzi is.. I still belive that my Michael’s children will always have to guarded because of who their father is and the wealth he left them..I’ve been a fan of The Jackson’s from day one, and I love Michael.! I’M not surprised about what happened to Michael..ruthless people do ruthless things to get what they want..While Michael was here his children were safe…Grace Rawandra is crazy bitch..to think that Michael would give his children to her..she should never be around his children ever..I always pray for his children….Michael took care of hiz children…G-D Bless him! Miss him so much hugZ!


    It’s called puberty. You could look it up.

    The Jacksons do not belong to a religion that attaches significance to the anniversary of a death. Save the outrage for something that matters.



  13. my daughter has vacationed with her adult cousin too.slow news day?
    mj loved those nephews of his and it was thesae boys that were with the children when they gave mj special recognition at the grammys.titos boys are wonderful.lay off mj3

  14. Agree with Simba. Vitiligo affects less than 1% of the world’s inhabitants. Michael explained he had the disease (inherited from his father’s side of the family). I also saw the picture of Prince Jackson with the vitiligo patch on his right upper arm close to the armpit and I thought, surely this will be big news – being proof that he is, in fact, Michael’s biological son. But no. That’s not interesting enough. After all, the media mantra is to continually destroy anything that would cast Michael in a positve light, including being his children’s biological father. Do your own research folks. We live in a mean-spirited, cynical world.

  15. “She’s very happy they’re with Taj and Taryll,” a friend says.You mean Marc Schaffel says,Roger.Stop hiding behind the bush.

  16. WTH? Um…the 3Ts aren’t little kids anymore. In fact, they’re old enough to be MJ’s kids dads! I don’t understand why you think this is “unorthodox”? They are family!! I think you need to lay down the crack pipe.

  17. “Not even nanny Grace Rwaramba”? Are you kidding Roger? That is a woman with, as so many from the strange Jackson-world, her own agenda.

    But so do you of course. Because in the past, it was published that “Mr. Jackson is concerned that his assistant, Grace Rwaramba, is constantly being attacked by Fox News’ Roger Friedman.”

    So since when are you on her side? It all comes down to what someone can bring you at some point, doesn’t it?

  18. How about the media stop “worrying” about MJ’s kids. Listen Roger, you’re not inheriting any of their money. Please tell that to the rest of the media vultures. These kids won’t have full access to their trust funds until they reach 40. You may believe Debbie Rowe is entitled to raise those kids but she took money & ran a long time ago. Leave these children alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Who are the bodyguards, are they over 35?
    The entire thing makes me very uneasy or maybe the children are glad to get away from the everpresent guardians?

  20. I totally disagree with the tone of this article. Nothing is wrong with sending kids on a holiday with a couple of cousins who are both old enough to be their parents, especially since one of then also has his own kids. These were also Michael’s favorite nephews. I think Michael would be happy that they are spending time with his kids. Reporting information is fine, but this is making an issue where there is none.

  21. The cousins are 37 & 35. They are adults. They youngest child is now eight. They have body guards with them. These cousins would be well drilled on keeping the children safe & away from stalking media having gone through it themselves & also having a famous parent. It is a holiday not permanent living arrangements. Maybe the eagle eye would be better to look towards the thousands of children that are not getting anywhere near the love & care Michaels children have always & will always have. Have a nice day.

  22. 1. I was wondering how in the world Katherine could be in Hawaii one day and Gary Indiana the next without being absolutely exhausted. Makes sense that she never was in Hawaii to begin with.
    2. Grace Rwaramba was ‘let go’ wasn’t she?
    3. Diana Ross will never be guardian to the kids despite Michael’s wishes.
    4. Debbie Rowe, Arnold Klein’s trump card, is set for life. I’m sure she’s having fun in Japan with that gay porn producer tub of guts.

  23. Silly story. Parents send their kids on summer vacation with relatives all the time. That’s not a new concept. Good for the kids!

  24. “And while no one begrudges the kids a vacation, it does raise the question in their custody: where are the adults?”

    Uh, Taj and Taryll Jackson are adults. The bodyguards are adults. Don’t lie and say that you don’t begrudge the kids a vacation – clearly you do.

    Hilarious how every US media outlet has this story, but not a single one will post the photos that clearly show that Prince Jackson has inherited vitiligo. It’s evident on his arms, his chest, and one armpit, which is completely depigmented. He doesn’t seem self-conscious about it, which is a good thing. But proof positive that Michael Jackson is the biological father of his children is apparently bad news for the tabloid media.

  25. Come on Roger you can do better than this non-issue. Their cousins are 35 and 37, which sounds like two pretty responsible supervision to me. My daughter is 14 and goes many places with her cousin, who is an adult and very responsible. Why would they need a nanny when there are two adult family members who love and care for them there.
    Get a grip!

  26. I wouldn’t mention Debbie Rowe at all considering she very likely wouldn’t care about those kids if they weren’t worth $33 million each.

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