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Tom Cruise had a bad Friday, the third day of release for “Knight and Day.” The film made $6.35 million, versus over $14.5 million for Adam Ssndler’s “Grown Ups.” The former film took three days to make a little less than what the latter did in one night.

Cruise was never a huge box office draw on his own. His biggest hits, “The Firm,” “Rain Man,” and “A Few Good Men,” were ensemble pieces with talented supporting casts and well thought out, well executed scripts.

Films like “Vanilla Sky” and “The Last Samurai” were not good, and not blockbusters. They averaged $100 million domestically, but cost a lot, too.

Cruise’s big films were always the franchise entries: the Mission Impossible series, the Bruckheimer films.”Eyes Wide Shut” was a financial disaster. Steven Spielberg batted .500 with him–“Minority Report” did about $135, “War of the Worlds” about $235 million.

In his long resume, only “Jerry Maguire” stands out as an artistic and commercial achievement with $152 million and a Cruise Oscar nom. It’s Cruise’s best film, hands down. His other Best Actor Oscar nomination was for “Born on the Fourth of July.” It brought in only took in $79 mil.

“Knight and Day” may crawl out of the weekend with around $22 million for five days. That number pays Cruise’s salary. This is a $100 million film, so this daunting result is considered trouble. Will it make Paramount reconsider “Mission: Impossible 4”? I don’t think so. But for that project to work, the movie cannot be a star vehicle. Paramount should revert to the real “MI” premise of a team working together. Get a great cast of newer actors and one hot old timer, and surround Tom so that the film is not dependent on him. Otherwise, the mission may very well be impossible.

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  1. Cassie’s remarks reveal Hollywood’s deepest character flaw, and a lot that’s wrong with the USA.

    If a woman isn’t as svelte as a porpoise, she’s “long in the tooth.” To Cassie, and a lot of casting directors, the test of an actor is whether a dime bounces off a female’s backside! Yet men aren’t sliced up by that old saw.

    Thankfully, hundreds of successful movies prove Cassie’s oft-voiced sentiment to be as off-target commercially as it is morally. Yet when looks slide downhill, getting work becomes a struggle uphill.

    The sotto voce messages Hollywood sends us become the unconscious norms and criteria that millions of young men and women internalize. They will act upon these someday in their hiring, investing, choosing business allies, even deciding which vendor to work with.

    PS: Cassie! Send us your picture! We want to see you in a bikini. Teeth and all.


  2. Tom Cruise needs to reinvent himself. The big blockbusters he’s been doing for the past several years have done nothing but make audiences yawn.

    Time for him to do a good role, perhaps in an independent film with a good cast, where he can show that he is an ACTOR and not a movie star.

    No surprise here that “Knight and Day” is a bomb. Nobody wants to see the same recycled Tom Cruise action plot again. And Cameron Diaz is getting long in the tooth by Hollywood standards, and really, she’s done NOTHING of note either that would draw anyone in to the theaters to see her either.

  3. Roger, I walked out of Winter’s Bone (boring…unsuspenseful) and walked into the last hour of K&D, and I must say the two actors were engaging…esp. Cameron Diaz who had a lot of dialog and screen time. But from what little I saw, it wasn’t a movie I would pay for…and you’re right, Tom works best with an ensemble cast.

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