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Tom Cruise is not having a good week. “Knight and Day” dropped 8.7% from Wednesday to Thursday, its second day of release. That’s the biggest single drop in top 10– and all the other movies have been out for a week or more.

Something is turning people off to “K&D” in a big way. It did only $3.4 million on Thursday, which means a long, hot weekend is beckoning.

At the same time, for example, “Toy Story 3” dropped only 3%, “Karate Kid” 5.9%, and “Shrek 1000” was up 10%. Even relative dogs like “Sex and the City 2,” “Get Him to the Greek,” and “Killers” were up a little. Of all things, “Robin Hood” was even up 14%!

Today brings Adam Sandler and co. in “Grown Ups.” You know it’s awful, but theaters are air conditioned, babies need to be sitted, and pop corn with a little butter is always a good snack. It’s going to push “K&D” down the list. The only bright spot may be foreign ticket sales. “K&D” was filmed so people in Spain and other non English speaking countries would get a kick out of seeing their locales on the screen. Also, incoherence isn’t an issue with subtitles. So Cruise may make some of his dough back there.

And no one will ask why the main characters are named Knight and Day!

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  1. Personally I dislike seeing Cameron Diaz in films more than I dislike seeing Tom Cruise in films. I wonder how many others feel that way? Maybe the poor box office is more her fault than Tom’s.

    Not sure WHO I’d be willing to see in a CGI action film with a big layer of crappy rom-com added to it. But that’s a personal idiosyncrasy of mine, as both crappy rom-coms and crappy CGI action films often do quite well in U.S.

  2. I think it’s clear that Cruise simply doesn’t have the star power he once had. No longer is the name “Cruise” enough to ensure a film’s success. Women in their 30’s and 40’s (like me) have not forgotten the comments he made regarding Brooke Shields and younger women in their teens and 20’s just consider him old and a bit creepy.
    And anyone who has seen the leaked indoctrination video will have a very difficult tim suspending disbelief in ANY film in which he stars.

  3. Hugh: I admire your enthusiasm. But “K&D” had the biggest drop of any movie this past Wednesday to Thursday. Not of all time. And let’s remember. “Return of the King” made TEN times what “K&D” did on its opening day–almost $35 million. I don’t think you can compare them. Let’s hope “K&D” picks up.

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