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Michael Jackson had a private memorial service today at Forest Lawn Glendale.

His parents didn’t show, neither did his kids. Sister LaToya was absent, according to guests, as well as brothers Marlon and Jackie. Sister Rebbie was also not seen. La Toya was in town. She even made money from a bunch of pr appearances this week connected to the anniversary.

Jermaine, Randy, Tito and Janet were there, however. So was former manager and publicist Raymone Bain. There were 60 guests in all, and no celebrities, not even Macaulay Culkin.

Jackie Jackson was recently put on the estate’s payroll. So his absence is strange.

More to come…

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  1. @Pat Engesser – Michael will NEVER be buried at Neverland. The place is only accessible by narrow two lane winding roads to begin with, an infrastructure that could never handle the number of visitors. Combine that with a local population with money….. and the venture would never make it past the initial public hearings/planning stages.

    By March 2006, after the trial, Michael had left Neverland and was downsizing the staff and cutting costs. In October 2007, a notice of default against the property was filed in Santa Barbara County. In February 2008, Neverland was scheduled for auction but, in May, Colony Capital purchased the loan and averted foreclosure. Much of the agreement remained confidential but MJ filed a grant deed transferring ownership of Neverland to the Sycamore Valley Ranch Company which became a joint venture between Jackson and Colony Capital. Colony Capital apparently own 75% of the venture to this day. After Michael’s death, Jermaine was filmed at Neverland talking with Larry King. There have been recent reports that Katherine Jackson wants the estate’s share of Neverland to be sold off.

  2. Am I wrong, but how could Michael be buried at Neverland? I thought it had been sold (or foreclosed) a few years ago. I don’t keep up with everything so could someone enlighten me?

  3. CNN had a special over the weekend about Michael Jackson and Jermaine was featured rehearsing. For what I have no idea, but he chose to sing “Man In The Mirror”! It makes me uncomfortable to be see someone so out of touch to the way he comes across. Talk about picking the bones.

    Along with Jermaine you know who else was kind of pathetic this weekend was Larry King. How many times is he going to provide a platform for Jermaine giving Jermaine a platform again to make childish complaint about Michael being needed to be buried at Neverland.

  4. Annibella, have you not seen or heard any of the interviews MJ did after leaving “Neverland”. After the cops tore through the place he had said MANY times that he never wanted to live there again, due to feeling violated by the police. He said he would visit there but never live there again.. WHY ON EARTH SHOULD HE BE BURIED THERE!!! Jermaine is wrong as the day is long for wanting him to be buried there, just plain wrong!! This is not a place that brought MJ joy after all the hell he was put through.. so I have to say I hope you fail big time Jermaine!!!

  5. You know Roger I don’t give a dam if no celebrities were there, I don’t give a dam if Macaulay Culkin wasn’t there. Everyone deal with the lost of MJ there own way. And Roger, Michael didn’t have a private memorial service. Remember he’s gone.

  6. @Anniebella

    Jermaine is only saying that because he wants to make money off of putting Michael’s body @ Neverland & turning it into some Graceland attraction (which will NEVER happen if the neighbors have anything to do with it). It’s not about Michael, it’s about him. Besides, Michael did NOT want to be buried there. Leave it at that. Stop disrespecting a dead man’s wishes.


  8. @Anniebella: Have you bothered to watch Jackson Family Dynasty on A&E?? If you had, you’d understand pretty quickly why Michael would have very little to do with Jermaine. Have you ever heard Jermaine’s ode to Michael called ‘Word to the Badd’??? Youtube it, read the lyrics. Nice bit of brotherly love there.

    The facts are that Jermaine couldn’t organize a piss up in a brewery, the reason being that the music industry has zero respect for him. Jermaine has always been jealous of Michael despite his attempts to show otherwise. Remember – he has been dependent on Michael’s largesse for quite some time now. When Michael died, Jermaine was all over the place giving interviews and getting paid for it. He continues to work in the same vein as Joe Jackson, calculating and figuring how best to make the most $$$ from Michael. Of course he’d love to bury Michael at Neverland but guess what? Michael abandoned that place after the cops swarmed it and ruined it for him. He never went back and he certainly wouldn’t want to be buried there for a bunch of paying tourists to exploit him even further.

    Forest Lawn was the ONLY place at which he could be interred without the worry of some sicko trying to dig him up, gross as it sounds. That is his mother’s biggest worry.

  9. Janet visit the place where his body is placed at. I saw Jermaine on Larry King that night and I agree with Jermaine, Michael doesn’t need to be there, he should be at Neverland and Jermaine said he would not stop fighting for that to happen. Good Luck, Jermaine.

  10. Pienso Que La familia de Michael Jackson se Han aprovechado de la Muerte Porque cuando Michael Jackson estaba vivo ELLOS Esteban en La Sobra del Rey del Pop que no se veian despues de la Muerte todo ha Cambiado que esas personas que son su familia han hecho dinero acostillas de su muerte pobre michael debe de estar revolcandose en su tumba

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