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It’s June 25th, and the Michael Jackson stories will go crazy today.

Top of the list: that someone will try and overturn Michael Jackson’s will. Yes, the rumor is that some group of Jackson outsiders have claimed an announcement scheduled for tomorrow. The word was that Jackson’s will would be contested by Thomas Mesereau, who represented Michael in his criminal case in 2005, and Dennis Hawk, a lawyer who works with Tohme Tohme, Jackson’s short time manager, would lead the charge.

“Not true,” Mesereau tells me adamantly. “I haven’t been aproached and I have nothing to do with it.” Mesereau–who generally stays out of the limelight and often represents wrongly accused defendants down in Alabama pro bono–was shocked when I told him the rumor. He knows Hawk, by the way, but that’s the extent of it.

Leonard Rowe, the disreputable concert promoter, has told everyone he thinks Jackson’s will is sketchy. But in a year’s time, no proof has been offered by anyone that the 2002 will is anything but legal and binding.

Meantime, Joseph Jackson–ever on the prowl to make money–has filed a wrongful death suit against Dr. Conrad Murray. Brian Oxman, who’s had many problems with the California Bar Association and never really knew Michael Jackson, is representing him. Oxman was Randy Jackson’s lawyer when Jackson divorced his wife, after she left him for his brother, Jermaine.

The wrongful death suit doesn’t have much new in it, except for the assertion that Dr. Murray “solicited” business from Michael Jackson in Las Vegas in 2006. This would seem impossible since Jackson did not return to the United States –from June 2005– until the last few days of December for James Brown’s funeral. In Augusta, Georgia.

In other news, TMZ finally took us up on our lead, and identified Lowell Henry in their photo. They say he’s a “Jackson family financial adviser.” Too funny.

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  1. @333 – Michael jumped on planes and flew around the globe pretty much like you take a Number 9 bus I would imagine …. New York and Los Angeles are not that far apart in the grand scheme. So far, no one’s come up with enough compelling evidence to prove that the will isn’t genuine. Yes, Michael had been in New York around the time his final will and testament was signed in Los Angeles on March 22 2002 – he was at Liza Minnelli and David Gest’s wedding as best man on March 16. Plenty of time to zip coast to coast. Joe Jackson had better have some really, really, really compelling evidence …. like documented film proving Michael was in New York. Otherwise, he’s sunk.

  2. The will is FAKE Rog, get over it. How could Michael have been in New York in 2001 but sign the will in Los Angeles. This whole thing reaks of fish. FISHY

  3. Sorry Roger, your information is so biased against the Jacksons and people that are in their camp. It was so hard to read this post. You are so negative. Whatever the Jackson family decides to do about this “fake” will, I send all positive thoughts to them. And I hope they prevail.

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