Home Celebrity Farrah Fawcett Died One Year Ago Today, Too

Everyone is going ga-ga over the anniversary of Michael Jackson‘s death on Friday.

But today also marks the first year since the passing of Farrah Fawcett. Her death was a little overshadowed by Jackson’s last year.

Farrah was first and f0remost The Sex Symbol of the 1970s. But she went on to prove herself a dynamic actress who wasn’t afraid to take on challenges. As she got older, she allowed herself to be funny, goofy and mischievous. As good as she was in TV movies like “The Burning Bed” and “A Murder in Texas,” she was also hilarious in her short lived sitcom with Ryan O’Neal, “Good Sports.”

So let’s not forget Farrah today (even though the Oscars managed to last March). She was just as much a part of American pop culture as Michael Jackson, and a helluva lot prettier!

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  1. I so sorry for your family and friends. I remember this day last year so very well. You were so loved by all.
    I’m just a fan forever. You showed so many the courage and strenght
    And to carry on and to show me how to die with dignity when my time comes. I used to always see how you wore your hair and wear it the same. You have now showed so many people how to also die with such dignity. I know when my time comes..I hope to be so much more like you.
    and you have made a difference in this world…that’s all one wants.

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