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It’s bad news for Tom Cruise. “Knight and Day” took in only $3.8 million last night at the box office. The $100 million film now stands to make around $20 million, if 20th Century Fox is lucky, for the five day opening run.

What makes this worse than ever: Cruise’s last movie, the godawful “Valkyrie,” made $8.5 million on its opening day. Of course, it was Christmas, but still…”Valkyrie” didn’t even have Cameron Diaz in a bikini or fancy exotic locations.

After the millions Fox has spent to promote this thing, especially overseas, “K&D” is a disappointment, certainly. But there were warning signs, as I said last week: no U.S. premiere, and then the 500 sneak previews on Saturday.

Bad reviews didn’t help. “K&D” has registered only 52% on Rotten Tomatoes. Even those reviews counted as positive weren’t so good. They were stretching. And hyping “Jerry Maguire” in the TV ad quote has only made the studio seem more desperate.

Is Tom Cruise washed up? No, because no one ever is in Hollywood. Look at Elliot Spitzer. He spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on hookers while he was Governor of the State of New York. Now he’s gotten a prime time show on CNN.

But Cruise is going to have to do some serious re-thinking about his career and public stance. And it doesn’t mean more of the annoying and slightly anti-Semitic Les Grossman character.

To be continued…

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  1. Tom Cruise, take a hint, buy a clue…something. You ruined your career by using and abusing two beautiful women. Then, you marry one 20 some years younger than yourself, and screw your latest screen partner all while your young wife is at home.

    Karma, like Dogma, is a bitch.

  2. Everything has to come to an end. Cruise has had a good run, but he has turned people off and is no longer the box office draw he once was. I am not surprised by this. People have moved on to newer and brighter things. That’s the name of the game and the rules won’t change, not even for Tom.

  3. Tom’s decline is directly proportional to the public’s discovery of the dangerous and unpleasant nature of the cult of scientology. The more vicious and dangerous we stuff we find out about scientology, the more we are turned off to watching scientologist actors on screen. They all become very creepy.

  4. Actually Valkyrie was a very good movie, like an 8/10. The only real problem in it was the lack of anyone attempting an authentic accent. Terrance Stamp spoke with a British accent and wore tweed. Cruise did pretty well with his prosthetics but came across as a American man-child, not a German officer.

    re: K&D. You championed both Robinhood (44% fresh) and SATC2 (21%) both of which are domestic boxoffice failures but will be able to eek out a world wide profit.

    Is anyone excited to see K&D? Of course not! Thats why Wednesday was a dud. But there is literally nothing else to see if you are a couple. Shrek? “Killers” from weeks ago? I think K&D and will do ok in the US because there is literally no competition. And internationally it will turn a profit because Cruise is a movie star and Diaz sort of is.

    BTW has there every been a worse name than Knight and Day (well maybe Gigli)? Kevin Smith blamed the failure of his movie on Weinstein naming it “Zac and Mari Make a Porno” but K&D may be worse because it conveys nothing about what the movie is about, who is in it or why a person might want to see it.

  5. Cruise has had many supporting roles and even cameos. Tropic Thunder, Magnolia, Austin Powers – Goldmember, The Outsiders, Taps, etc. He’s one of the top stars in the world who is normally a box office draw so studios don’t want him in supporting roles. Look at his body of work, most were huge hits and almost all have solid name recognition. Not too many B-movies on the list.

    Very few actors achieve this type of success over an entire career. BTW, I have enjoyed much of his work but I’m no big fan of his since I think his relationship with Scientology is kooky at best.

  6. Saw the movie yesterday and enjoyed it. Cruise is a creepy nutjob these days in his personal life. But the movie was entertaining for a popcorn flick.

  7. He needs to take character roles, not leads, and do them very well. Of course I stand a better chance of winning the lottery then Cruise does of taking a supporting role.

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