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Michael Jackson‘s immediate family will not be around this week for all the tributes that are about to take place.

As preparations occur at the Beverly Hilton Hotel for Saturday’s Jackson Family Foundation event, fans may be disappointed not to see the main players: Katherine Jackson and her grand kids.

I am told that Katherine has already left the L.A. area has headed to Michael’s birthplace in Gary, Indiana.

And Michael’s kids–Prince, Paris, and Blanket–will also be far removed from the circus planned across the street from their home in Encino, California. There was a plan to take them to London. They may also be somewhere else. But they’re not in California, trust me.

Meantime, Katherine Jackson‘s book publisher, Howard Mann, tells me he’s sold 25,000 copies of her book, “Never Can Say Goodbye,” since Monday. That’s quite an accomplishment. The book will be sold physically at the Bev Hilton event. Otherwise, it can only be obtained online.

But there are issues with that book, and possibly, Mrs. Jackson’s partnership. Stay tuned…

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  1. I too feel sorry for the children. They are going to be surrounded by vultures, sycophants, crooks and users just like their father was. The Jackson family just can’t seem to help themselves. One would think that a situation such as this, in which the family superstar has been murdered by any number of people, would be enough for them to kick every last bum to the curb. Instead, what have we been reading all week? Marc Schaffel the gay porn purveyor, for example, is still in the family fold having interviewed Katherine for some film or other. What the h.e.l.l.? Joe Jackson is still surrounded by the same blood suckers. LaToya and Jermaine continue to exploit. When Katherine passes on, I sincerely hope that Prince is already over the age of 18 so that he can assume guardianship of the younger two because, otherwise, who knows what will happen.

  2. Why is Roger constantly stalking the Jackson family’s every move. The media obsession with this family is sick. Michael is dead. Still not good enough for them. They won’t stop till they run every member of that family into the ground. Let it go “journalists” and move on. The more stories you write, the more you contradict yourselves. Now the medialoid scum have moved on to Michael’s 3 kids, already attempting to invade their privacy. The media only cares about them because they are white and inheriting millions.

  3. Please get the facts straight! Mrs. Jackson WILL be at Saturday’s event. Have you ever heard of airplanes? I do believe that other family members will also be in attendance.

  4. Alejandra Jackson’s daughter Genevieve will perform two of Michael Jackson’s songs at the
    Forever Michael tribute. That’s about it in regards to Jackson family members who are going
    to show up there

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