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Michael Jackson‘s mother, Katherine, has come out swinging against her son’s accusers.

In her foreword to “Never Can Say Goodbye,” Mrs. Jackson makes pointed reference to the father of Jordan Chandler, the 13 year old boy who in 1993-94 received a $20 million settlement from Michael after accusations of child abuse.

Mrs. Jackson writes: “Most of what I’ve read or heard about Michael in the media was not the truth–especially the allegations of child abuse.

Evan Chandler, the father of Michael’s first accuser, recently committed suicide. Though I can’t comment on why, I want to believe his conscience finally caught up with him and he was not able to live with himself after destroying an innocent person’s career and breaking his spirit.

“Michael loved children and he worked diligently and passionately to better the lives of the less fortunate–the last thing he would do is harm an innocent child.”

Mrs. Jackson observes: “Michael often saw the good in people and trusted many in the early part of his career, sometimes leading to pain and betrayal in his life.”

By the way, Mrs. Jackson’s business partner and publisher, Howard Mann, tells me that he has made no deal with website TMZ.com to republish pictures from the book. He says they just copied them and put them up without permission. They are low resolution and stamped with TMZ’s logo.

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  1. Well said Jon! It’s easier to be spoonfed bullshit than it is to find the truth. @Calista, may I suggest to you the following books that speak the truth?! Redemption- Geraldine Hughes and Conspiracy- Aphrodte Jones… That’s if your prepared to change your eating habits!

  2. @ Calista: Jordy had the opportunity to “speak out” at the last trial in 2005 and he refused. He actually left the country. Mr Jackson’s lawyers if Jordy had actually testified, had several witnesses that knew Jordy and were going to testify that he had told them he made up the allegations at the time under pressure from his father.

    As far as the $20 million, Michael didn’t pay that. His insurance company did as per his lawyers instructions. It may have not looked good for Michael to allow that to happen, but it is what everyone in his circle at the time told him to do. Get your facts straight before speaking, all right?

  3. please leave Micheal Jackson alone…he is dead and you cant beat that..he is dead but he his alive…..long live Jackson….and any one who don’t love you,your music,your life style…and every things you have done in this earth….should go and did or go and rotten in the earth….Jackson just know that whee ever you are YOU ARE NOT ALONE…

  4. It’s funny that you’re reporting this Roger……since you yourself tried many times to destroy this innocent person’s career and break his spirit.

    But you failed.

    Keep circling the remaining crumbs left by MJ’s death.

    You pathetic rotund queen.

  5. What a bunch of bunk. You don’t pay off kids to the tune of 20 MILLION, if you aren’t guilty. I hope Jordie speaks out. I know he has a confidentiality clause, take it to a Judge, and say Katherine has called him a liar, and he will be allowed to respond.

  6. Were people expecting Katherine to avoid defending her son against such a salacious,over-the-top,global witch hunt???? She’s seen her children go through hell & back & she stood by them. You would’ve though Michael was the worst mass murderer in American history with the sort of treatment he got. Janet’s career was near demolished over the Superbowl incident. The Jacksons are no strangers to controversy. The media started fucking with Michael immediately after Thriller (disputing the ticket pricing for the Victory Tour, disputing whether or not he was trying to look like Diana Ross, the list goes on). Katherine can hardly feel any comfort knowing that her son is dead partly due to the stress of vicious lies & slander. She wants PEACE. Something those accusers never had or will NEVER have. I see the media has treated convicted child rapist Roman Polanski with kid gloves. Predictable, he doesn’t have the wealth, power, or influence Michael had so it’s okay (hint the sarcasm)

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