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Howard Mann, the Toronto entrepreneur who bought a warehouse full of Jackson family paraphernalia, has a surprise for Michael Jackson fans and the singer’s estate.

He has the masters to 273 unreleased Jackson tracks. Some are Michael alone, some are duets with superstars like Tina Turner, and some are with the Jackson family.

A good chunk of them come from the 1975 CBS variety series featuring the whole family.

According to Mann, who seems to know his stuff, the Jacksons were between the end of their Motown contract that summer and the beginning of one with Epic Records.

“The recordings belonged to the Jacksons. I bought them with the contents of the warehouse,” Mann says.

Mann feels the recordings therefore do not belong to the Jackson estate, and he can release them any way he sees fit.

Meanwhile, Mann has gone into business–he tells me–with Katherine Jackson only, and not with Joseph Jackson. “My arrangements have nothing at all to do with Joe Jackson,” he says.

Mann also says he did not pay Katherine Jackson an advance for her book, “Never Can Say Goodbye.” Rather, they are business partners. It does seem that Mann has become The Man in the Jacksons’ life. But he says also his largesse is not responsible for the Jackson brothers reportedly all driving new cars.

“You’ll have to look elsewhere for that answer.” he says.

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  1. This makes me happy because I want to hear and see more new things MJ :) Howard Mann seems to be a good guy and by now we all know he is doing right by Michaels mother. I am really excited to see more new pictures and music and anything else he has to show us fans! I love Michael always.

  2. This guy owns the physical tracks but he doesn’t own the copyright. If he copies them or tries to distribute them he will be sued by the actual copyright owners, either CBS or the Jacksons. Basically, the only way he can make money with these tracks is by selling the physical copies of them back to the copyright owners.

  3. With publishing issues and more this music catalog will be in court beuyond Mrs. Jacksons lifetime, and the lawyers that will be left have the means and will to make sure this never sees the light of day unless they get 99% of the money. I doubt bashing the remaining family will work well for this guy, as once the mother is gone the kids will most likely control it and be inflenced by the remaining family members.

  4. It’s rather hypocritical for people to read posts pertaining to the Jacksons and then follow it up with “Who cares?” “Can they please go away”

    If you don’t like something, you IGNORE it. You don’t pay attention or comment on it

  5. Good for him. I think the executive of the will is too hard on the Jackson family, they need to give Katherine her share and allow her a voice on how the legacy of Michael shall be. She 80 yrs old, let her have her say in the winter of her life, so she could rest in peace knowing Michael legacy will be a positive one!!!!

  6. I hope momma and the children can benefit and good for you not letting Joe get his slimy hands on any of the money or Jermaine or Latoya them are the 3 Jackson’s that I don’t like to much and I can’t wait to purchase them I’ll buy all the cd’s

  7. MICHAEL HAD TO DIE!!! How much wealth has been generated since his untimely death, who/how many knew proceeds would explode? How many wanted Michael to die? Is Michael finally out of their way?

  8. If the recordings are from the Jackson’s show on CBS, I would venture to say CBS has some claim to them. Mr. Mann would be wise to review the Jackson’s contract with the network. Just because the recordings are in his possession does not prove ownership as there are some copyright issues at hand. I’m sure many a lawsuit will follow.

  9. Looking forward to seeing them someday, I wonder how long it will be before the tracks are
    released. Michael was such a Blessing to this world!!!!!!!!

  10. Fantastic discovery! I look forward to hearing these.

    273 is a mind-boggling number. Expect there to be several would-have-been chartbusters in there!

    Do the marketing right, and the world could see a Jackson Five revival.

  11. Will the people just go away, the “CASH-COW” is dead, now all of you leeches and hangers-on must get a job. These phoney tributes are just prolonging the inevitable–you boys is gonna hafta find a job!!!!

  12. Jermaine got a new ride? Maybe the others should (as I’m sure they are collecting some new royalties because of the uplife in J5/Jackson sales, but Jermaine needs to pay for those 2 kids he has with his brother woman, whom she also has two kids for…scandalous.

  13. God bless the executors of the MJ estate. The crap they has to deal with coming from that greedy family & their sleazy & questionable business partners…sickening.

    Poor MJ’s 3 kids…a greedy grandmother going to bed with porn producer & nude gambler…can’t be all available for the kids.

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