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There’s a new man in Katherine Jackson‘s world. Or make that, Mann.

Howard Mann is Mrs. Jackson’s new business partner. He tells me bought the assets of Henry Vaccaro out of bankruptcy, including the New Jersey warehouse filled with Jackson family memorabilia.

The warehouse included many personal items from the family including letters and some things that might have caused embarrassment had they made it into an auction.

Mann quickly contacted Mrs. Jackson and made a deal with her. He returned personal possessions, and in exchange started to develop projects. The first is Mrs. Jackson’s book of photographs coming this Monday, called “Never Can Say Goodbye.”

Mann, who is from Toronto, made his money with online gambling. His 121 Gaming company –described as a celebrity driven, erotic content provider–.got so successful that in 2006 he introduced online “nude” gambling. He created a site called GrandNevada.com and told a gaming website: “Online gaming will never be the same. Why would anyone choose to play against a boring online video based game that could be altered to drastically favor the house? Now people can play real casino games in real time, with real live sexy dealers, just like in a real casino, except at GrandNevada.com, the dealers are either wearing bikinis or are topless.”

Mann continued: “We have booked several adult film stars to deal live and in the proverbial flesh.”

Mann also created Carmen Electra‘s Naked Women’s Wrestling league. Unfortunately, that ended in tears. And a lawsuit.

Sadly, GrandNevada.com is no more. I always find out about these things too late!

Since then, Mann says he’s gotten out of that business and turned his 121 Ventures into a high end video production and online company. He’s aiming to take the Jackson site, jacksonsecretvault.com, and create a place where music fans can download their favorite tunes and bands– his own version of ITunes.

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  1. I think Katherine Jackson was probably blackmailed into doing these
    projects by those vultures that Michael never wanted anything to do with…

  2. The death of Michael Jackson was a huge shock for anyone who loves music, though taking into account his situation it was possibly not so unexpected. The child molestation charges pressed upon him caused his health to spiral out of control, both emotional and physical. As soon as he started to abuse prescription medicines to merely get by, that was the time when there came to be no way back, if you ask me.

  3. michael jackson es el mejor del mundo lo amo es muy lindo con todos poreso siempre lo admiro contoda mi alma y siempre lo llebare en mi corazon eres lo mejor poreso eres the king of pop les kiero recordare te amo ojala tu nos estes cuidando desde el sielo. les recordare lo que dise michael sitienen algun problema mirense en el espejo y cambienlo.t.q.m michael jackson

  4. have some shame claista! maybe your hatred is media driven but you are not blind. ppl like you are the reason why media gets to do what they want, MJ needed to have sued them, should have showed that it was expensive to mess with him. media is garbage, truth is unknown but MJ, yes we know him.

  5. @terri456
    Maureen Orth & Diane Dimond are said to be producers of that TLC special on Michael’s kids. Two of the biggest MJ detractors have a say in that project. How DISGUSTING. I will NOT be watching.

  6. Regardless of truth, speculation or just out right lies, whether you liked, loved or hated him….he is MICHAEL JACKSON OR MJ…not the other c**p other ppl prefer to refer to him as…we have all done good and bad in our lives…pull yr heads out of yr butts and just look at yourselves…no im not perfect either…but hey im realising just wot magnificent things this Human Being (yes thats right remember we are talking about a human being here) has done in his life for MANY MANY MANY people…and to this day still the short minded MEDIA still try to assasinate him every chance they get…cause the title of MJ sells and draws ppl in….these are the ppl that need to be boycotted…imagine the stories they would have to invent then….who will be their next target??? They stole MJ from us…….

  7. Mann quickly contacted Mrs. Jackson and made a deal with her. He returned personal possessions, and in exchange started to develop projects. The first is Mrs. Jackson’s book of photographs coming this Monday, called “Never Can Say Goodbye.”

    I don’t know what you are implying, but it sounds like extortion.

  8. There’s a bullshit article on Billboard Magazine’s website from their recent issue for the anniversary of Michael’s death. The article talks very little about his music and more about skin bleaching, child molestation trials, plastic surgery, his career decline, you know the usual. They even had the nerve to list “Say Say Say” as Michael’s most popular song in their “Top 50 List” of MJ hits. How predictable. They couldn’t possibly choose a song Michael sang solo. There’s a show scheduled for TLC on Michael’s kids with a bunch of media commentators who have no relation to the Jackson family or those 3 children. I suspect it will be more of the same medialoid trash

  9. @Calista

    How are your friends Demon Dimond, Nancy DISGrace, Tom Sneddon, Martin BashiT and the rest???? Send them L.O.V.E. They truly need it with all the hate they have in their non-existent souls.

  10. MJ did his best to help people, so for anyone to say that he spent all his money on drugs, well to be honest, they are just stupid. And MJ fans they aren’t worth your time. I heard about this woman who threw her kids off a bridge, the youngest baby died. When MJ heard about it he paid for the child’s funeral. And set aside a fund to help the child which survive. This man help people, but all we hear about is his struggles. No he was not perfect, but he was not the monster some have tried to make him out to be. MJ as the one year anniversary of your death comes up, your fans will never forget you, and we miss you so.

  11. Micheal is gone please let him rest in peace .What ever he did is over he did a lot of good in wanting abetter world an d if he could have done single handedly he would he was every thing any one would want in a human being why try to pull him down in liufe an now in death, please let his light shine on all of us an try to make a better world for all of us .To all u haters go fly a kite over freddi fence .We will alaways love Micheal he was a legeon, may he rest in peace

  12. @Calista
    Another MJ hater spouting media-driven garbage out the mouth. “Jacko” spent money on a lot more things than drugs. Perhaps you can’t handle the fact that he still has a legion of fans & family trying to find the REAL answers around his death. The merchandise was STOLEN. GET THE F*CK OVER IT!!! Now go play in traffic.

  13. The Jacksonsecretvault website looks bootleg as hell. I was there for about three minutes and was struck by how amateurish is seemed. Definitely not estate connected. Strange happenings….But, I tell you this much, I believe very little about Katherine Jackson unless I hear it from the horse’s mouth. She has always held herself with dignity and even words attributed to her this past month, upon closer examination, were coming from the mouths of her lawyer or “a source close to the family.” She is not shy about going on a puff program like ET and doing an interview if she felt the need, so I don’t know why folks want to speculate on her actions/motives/decisions before they even happen.

  14. Calista, be quiet. Weasel your way back to some Diane Dimond or Ian Halperin site where other drama queenish vultures feast on a dead guy’s legacy.

    As for this nonsense, it spells nothing but trouble and Marc Shaffel.

  15. Uh, baloney the merchandise was “stolen”. Jacko picked DRUGS to spend his money on. His mother is just as greedy as Joe. Now I know what she saw in him, they are both cut from the same cloth of greed.

  16. What’s with you and the extremely poor editing lately? That site and this books seem all kinds of weird, as do you as of late. He “struck a deal” with the book in exchange for return of potentially embarrassing personal items? That sounds like it lives in the same neighborhood as blackmail. It’s all very fishy but when it comes to MJ, he always attracted Sharks, it appears little has changed.

  17. THANK GOD *SOMEBODY* is returning the merchandise & memorabilia that was STOLEN from Michael due to his financial difficulties. NOBODY deserves those valuables but his family. That hawker Henry Vaccaro & Julien’s Auctions are a DISGRACE, not to mention all of Michael’s “friends” who have put up personal gifts given to them by Michael for auction. Why would a person sell valuable keepsakes given to them by their friend? The Love of Money is the Root of All EVIL.

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