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When Martin Scorcese‘s new series hits HBO later this year, it’s going to look good, that’s for sure.

Talk at the Tony Awards last night among the folks who know these things is that “Boardwalk Empire” required 8,000 costume changes. And there are only 12 episodes.

The word is that “Boardwalk Empire”–about the mob running Atlantic City in the roaring 1920s–is that the show is also the most expensive the cable network has ever gotten near.

“One day we worked 20 hours straight through, with double over time. Scorsese wasn’t happy with what we’d done, so everyone stayed. He didn’t care what it cost.”

The series stars Steve Buscemi, Michael Shannon, Michael Pitt, and Gretchen Mol in a big, big cast that if nothing else will be well dressed. Terrence Winter, who worked on “The Sopranos” as a main writer, is the creator.

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