Home Media “Variety” Revives Ancient Greek Legislator in Headline

Variety, ever hoping to stay current, has revived an ancient Greek politician in their headlines today.

The lead story in the Hollywood trade mag may confuse young readers. “Solons Hammer Comcast on Diversity” is the ‘top story’ on Variety.com which is pushed out to subscribers.

Now, it’s not “salons” as in beauty parlors or cocktail parties with glib talk.

Solon was the original Greek politician, circa 1600 BC. He was credited with massive reforms in various areas, and left a lasting imprint.

The term “solons” became shorthand for politicians or legislators as American journalism took off in the 1930s. It was simply short headlines in narrow columns. However, no respectable paper still uses it. “Solons” reeks of mustiness and corniness. I don’t think I’ve actually seen it used in a modern report since 1970.

But there it is today, in Variety. Everything old is new again. Solon –wherever he is–must be thrilled to be included in the same breath as Sandra Bullock and other names of the day! Maybe he’ll hire a publicist. Soon Solons will be appearing in US Weekly, at radaronline, and The Wrap. Deadline Hollywood already is speculating that Solon will get a pilot on the CW. Welcome back!